Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wild West Deli Beef Jerky Thai Spice Flavour, Chilli and Lime Flavour

Wild West Deli Beef Jerky is a high protein snack range from the Meatsnacks Group of Buckinghamshire.

We were fortunate enough to try this product, recently.

It is described as a "softer beef jerky" and that is exactly what it is.

It is beef jerky, marinated in Thai spices and smoked over applewood.

The result is a softer and utterly delicious taste experience.

They make the point that they only use ingredients for their own marinade that you would be able to find in your own kitchen store cupboard.

Whilst that's true of some more advanced foodies, I think that Meatsnacks are being more than a little modest, here. For in the opinion  of my wife and myself, the herbs and spices used by Meatsnacks are probably of much higher quality than might be found in some family kitchens.

How so? Well, you can taste the sweetness of the real Demerara sugar, but there's a whole range of other flavours, there, too. Garlic, the tang of both the apple cyder vinegar and a hint of lime and the other spices and herbs that go together to make this jerky.

Apparently you van use the jerky in some recipes which you can find at www.meatsnacksgroup.com/wild-west-deli. But as my wife said: "Good luck to anyone who is trying to keep the family out of it long enough to cook with it!"

There is also the equally delicious Chilli and Lime Flavour softer beef jerky, also made in Scotland using select cuts of UK and EU brisket beef.

My wife is not a fan of chillies, but she made the point that Chilli and Lime flavour beef jerky from the Wild West Deli range has none of the harshness and over done heat of some shop bought products.

We noted that there was a well-balanced combination of flavours with a pleasant chilli kick and the sublime tartness of the limes.

These softer beef jerky snacks are idea for snacking, make an excellent and interesting course during a larger meal, are great to serve with a salad, perhaps out of doors, during a BBQ.

They go very well with a nice wine, maybe a Riesling or perhaps a bottle of something like Prosecco?  Or perhaps a nice red? The choice is yours!

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