Thursday, 16 June 2016

Firefly revitalising juice drinks

Firefly revitalising juice drinks do exactly what it says on the tin, or rather exactly what it says on the bottle.

They provide a properly balanced drink when you need refreshment.

They taste good -which isn't always the case with some drinks that are supposed to rehydrate you!- for example the Peach and Green Tea flavour that we tried had hints of green tea, with a goodly amount of peach in the flavour.

But it also contains vital ingredients like kola nut, yerba mate and rosemary.

I personally think it is ideal if you wake up cranky after a poor night's sleep, if you have been feeling low after having a cold or an annoying summer bug, if you overindulged at the BBQ or if you have managed to get a bit dehydrated in the hot, summery weather.

It tastes good even at room temperature, but it is better if you allow it to chill before drinking it.

And you must, we are informed, consume it within 24 hours of the bottle being opened.

In fairness I would say that it would be a miracle if it lasted longer than 24 seconds!

You can learn more at They are produced by Purity drinks and there are six delicious flavours.

For a list of stockists please visit,

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