Monday, 20 June 2016

Heck Chicken Italia Sauasages

Heck Chicken Italia Sausages are delightful sausages that are made with 100% British chicken meat.

Which is just like the other chicken meat sausages from Heck.

However! In the Chicken Italia sausages we see a special combination of herbs, spices and other ingredients that are mixed together to create a perfectly balanced, somewhat exotic sausage that does, indeed, have a  hint of Italy about them.

There's some basil, some garlic and a range of other spices that join together to create a fantastic taste sensation!

How to serve it? You can serve them as some of the most tasty sausage sandwiches that you can think of. Especially if you have some rustic Italian bread.

Or cook them, slice them up and mix in with Mediterranean style salad leaves and tomatoes to make a most excellent Italian salad, with lashings of olive oil dressing, of course!

Or what about slicing the cooked sausages up fairly thinly and spreading them over a pizza?

Or how about making some garlic and potato mash with olive oil and lots of freshly ground black pepper and making some bangers and mash the likes of which you have probably never tasted before?

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