Friday, 24 June 2016

Aduna cacao bars. Heavenly eats!

Aduna cacao bars do make for Heavenly eats!

For example, please take into consideration the Aduna Cacao bar with the crunchy cacao nibs, walnut and hibiscus.

Some people in the food industry argue that they need to shove large amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners or sugar alternatives into pies, puddings and confectionery because they need to make their products sweet enough for the British palate.

Well, Aduna products are living proof that the above argument is just not true!

The bar is sweet and delicious, with the combination of tastes nothing short of phenomenal.

There's the cacao, the almonds and the walnuts, with a very alluring tang of hibiscus flowers, too.

It's also a good source of fibre, is good for vegetarians and vegans, too and is compatible with the paleo diet so there's a whole lot going on in favour of this nifty product and the other bars in the range.

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We will be reviewing other Aduna products over the next several days. Please do look out for these.

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