Monday, 13 June 2016

Liberation Nuts. Lots for everyone

No matter what type of nuts you like, Liberation Nuts have some nuts for you and for everyone else!

But they put the exact same amount of effort, skill and knowhow into each of their products.

For example, there's the subtlety warming, yet not fiercely hot, Oven Baked Chilli and Lime Cashews with peanuts and roasted corn.

Plus there is the  absolutely delicious Oven baked peppercorn, peanuts with cashews and Habatas Fritas crunchy beans, which is an International Food Festival in a bag, all by itself.

The next one we tried has got to be my favourite, the Get up & Glow bag, not only is it a source of Vitamin B1, it contains nuts  (brazils and almonds) pears and luxurious chunks of ginger all wrapped up in some of the best dark chocolate that I have ever tasted!

And there's loads of other types to choose from and some peanut butter, too!

Not only are they extremely tasteful, they are also good for you in some way (though I only speak as a nut eater, not a nutritionist)  because if they are oven baked, well, that speak volumes, doesn't it?) and also better for the whole world, as they are all Fairtrade, too!

Where can you make purchase of these most excellent nutty products? Waitrose, Traidcraft and Oxfam.

To learn more just nip along to

Next time I go into town I think a visit to our local Oxfam shop would be a good idea. I think I need some more Get Up & Glow.

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