Monday, 11 January 2016

A touch of Italian luxury for Mothering Sunday with Capricci

All of the best elements of the Italian dining experience can be found under one roof with healthy, hearty homemade meals at Capricci.

After indulging in the classic kitchen menu which changes daily you can pick up the finest ingredients and try turning your hand to Italian cooking in the comfort of your own home.

Capricci has also teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Davide Palluda to present an outstanding line of ready to serve recipes that will wow your senses whilst saving you time.

There will also be opportunities to meet all of Capricci’s Italian suppliers and sample their food the way it should be!

It’s the easiest and most rewarding way to get a true taste of Italy without actually being there!

And now Capricci have launched a very exclusive range of hampers that your mother is just certain to love!

Described as "Some of the most amazing hampers and products carefully selected from across Italy" They include:-

“Inclusioni” Chocolate Bars (£42) which includes some really unique and exclusive flavours! Dark Chocolate with Goji Berries and Macha Tea, Milk Chocolate with exotic fruits and Grue, Milk chocolate with raspberry and cardamom and Gianduja Chocolate with salted caramel

Chocolate Temptation (£67) -  a selection of beautifully crunchy chocolate and biscuit, a really indulgent treat

The Milk Chocolate Crus (£43) – some delicious variations of milk chocolate with a carefully selected Grappa to compliment.

To learn more please visit

The Prakti Stove. The practical way to cook outdoors!

It's a strange thing to think about, but the summer months of cooking outside will soon be upon us, again!

And The Charcoal Burner Company is on a mission to introduce us to the Indian Prakti Stove in time for the barbecue season.

Many Indian readers will already be familiar with this wonderful Indian design classic and outside cooking staple.

Founder of The Charcoal Burner Company, Alastair, was trying to work out the best way to roast chestnuts outside during the winter months, and after having decided that charcoal stoves beat their gas equivalents hands down in terms of being authentic, easy to use and keeping in the flavour, he then moved on to the wonderful Prakti Stove.

However, soon he was thinking about much more than using them to roast nuts with!

Having ordered a Prakti Stove from India, Alastair was immediately impressed by the cleverness of its design, the speed at which it lit and how clean and efficient it was.

He was also very impressed by the high levels of heat it generated.

Soon he was addicted to cooking all kinds of things on his Prakti Stove.

The Charcoal Burner Company is now the official UK distributor for the Prakti Stove, so you can now easily own one of these classical Indian cooking marvels.

There are a wide range of different stoves available, including:
- Charcoal Stove (Rocket Stove) - which comes in red, blue or yellow
- Single Wood Burning Stove
- Double Wood Burning Stove
- Double Wood Burning Stove With Chimney Bracket
- The Orca Extra-Large Wood Burning Stove

There is also a range of essential accessories available from The Charcoal Burner Company, from the highest quality charcoal to grills, aprons and tote bags to transport all that tasty food you’re about to cook with your Prakti Stove.

For details please visit:


Prestat chocolates. For Mothering Sunday. Always

We believe that Prestat Rose and Violet Crèmes are the perfect present for Mothering Sunday, Sunday 6th March, 2016.

Prestat, chocolatier to Her Majesty The Queen, has launched n utterly new and divine large box of Rose & Violet Crèmes – the ultimate in traditional treats and the perfect way to say thank you on Mothering Sunday.

Rose & Violet Crèmes (245g) £16.50

Prestat, chocolatier to Her Majesty The Queen, has launched a NEW large box of Rose & Violet Crèmes – the ultimate in traditional treats and the perfect way to say thank you on Mother’s Day.

Prestat’s legendary Rose and Violet Crèmes have been one of the company’s bestsellers ever since the 1930s…when it was rumoured that Her Majesty The Queen Mother first started buying the handmade chocolates as a treat for herself as well as for her two young daughters – Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.

Created using the very finest rose and violet water, Prestat’s Rose and Violet Crèmes are dipped into luxurious dark chocolate before being adorned with a real, crystallised rose or violet petal and carefully packed inside a fabulous Prestat box.

Did you know?
In 1902, 114 years ago, a chocolate shop called Prestat was opened in London by descendants of Louis Dufour, the man who created the world’s first recorded chocolate truffle in Chambery, France in 1896.

Prestat’s reputation for making exquisite handmade chocolates quickly spread and before too long, maharajas, sultans, presidents and stars of the stage and screen had all experienced the delight that only the finest chocolate can bring.

Prestat’s quintessential Mints and their Rose and Violet Crèmes were Her Majesty The Queen Mother’s favourite chocolates.

Both The Queen Mother and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted Prestat a Royal Warrant and Prestat chocolates continue to be served at every major state banquet.

Ever since Bill Keeling and his half-brother, Nick Crean, bought the business in 1998, Prestat has enjoyed one of the most exciting chapters in its history.  In 2011, Prestat began selling chocolates in the USA, launching in all Bloomingdales Flagship Stores and throughout Dean & Deluca USA.

Prestat is one of the few British artisan chocolatiers to make all its own chocolates – giving it complete control of recipes and the sourcing of ingredients as well as the opportunity to nurture the traditional skills needed to create its handcrafted chocolates.

Loyal customers have included Roald Dahl, author of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The writer even referred to Prestat in his autobiographical recipe book, ‘Memories of Gypsy Corner’, “I also adore so-called truffles…as Prestat makes them.”

Prestat was the official chocolate sponsor to Walking With The Wounded’s expedition race to the South Pole, whose Patron is Prince Harry.

Prestat's kitchens have won 16 Gold Great Taste Awards in the last three years - Prestat have now collected golds for every truffle entered: the Sea Salt Caramel, the Black Forest Gateau, The Red Velvet and now the Yuzu Sake.

The Rose & Violet Cremes are designed by artist Kitty Arden. She has designed packaging for Prestat for the past 15 years.

That's Home and Household: Mothering Sunday with pottery from Emma Bridgewate...

That's Home and Household: Mothering Sunday with pottery from Emma Bridgewate...: British Pottery brand Emma Bridgewater is introducing launches its spring offering with plenty of beautiful, new hand painted items just in ...

That's Gardening: Mum’s the word at Dobbies

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Beanies Flavour Coffee. Make Mothering Sunday really special

Beanies Flavour Coffee will help you make Mothering Sunday really special for your mother.

Beanies Flavour Coffee comes to you for a very modest price of £22.50.

It's perfect and an ideal present for the mother who is a coffee lovers of the 21st Century.

Beanies have revolutionised our nation's love for coffee and innovatively combined it with equally loved flavours to bring an exiting twist to the coffee table.

When you are sleep deprived sometimes the most romantic present really is caffeine!

So, when you present mum with breakfast in bed on Mothering Sunday, don't forget to provide her with Beanies Flavour Coffee along with the Full English or the Continental breakfast that you just know she will love.

Just so long as you do the washing up afterwards, too!

Kids! This is ideal for your mum's cuppa!

Any child would be extremely proud to give mum this on Mothering Sunday!

There are three designs available – SuperMum on her own, with one child and with two children, plus Mother’s Day 2015 is printed on the back.

Priced at just £12.50 and available on this website -

It's a product from Its Your Story.

Bring a touch of Hercule Poirot to Valentine's Day

Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie had a passion that the love of your life might share, for only the finest Belgian chocolates.

That's Food and Drink is certain that Hercule Poirot  would just adore the Valentine’s Collection from Belgian chocolate experts, Godiva.

Firstly there is the

Heart Shaped Gift Box 21pc. £37
VALENTINES_HEART_GIFT_BOX_6PC  A heart shaped gift box with an assortment of 21 core and seasonal chocolates, she may end up loving the chocolates more than you!

Valentine’s Round Gift Box 9pc. £20

VALENTINES_ROUND_GIFT_BOX_9PC_ANGLE Melt her heart with an exquisite selection of Godiva’s signature chocolates.

Heart Shaped Token 6pc. £15

VALENTINES_TIN_ANGLE Looking for a subtle token of love? This delicate heart shape box will warm anyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day.

FABRIC_HEART_OPEN Fabric Heart 13pcs. £60

If you are going for the ‘madly in love’ statement this
lavish heart shaped box will get your Valentines heart beating.

Available at 

These and other chocolates and other gifts will be available at the That's Food an Drink Store at the following address

Enjoy Liquid poetry with Lord Byron's personal single malt Scotch on Valentine's Day

Lord Byron was one of the world's best-loved and most influential poets of the Romantic period of world literature.

Now you can share something that undoubtedly helped Lord Byron's poetic endeavours this Valentine's Day.

SPEY, which was Lord Byron single malt whisky.

Lord Byron’s words stole the hearts of women; now the essence of his love poetry has been captured in a bottle with SPEY Lord Byron single malt Scotch whisky.

With its elegant bottle design and smooth, delicate taste – as well as exclusive status – SPEY Lord Byron oozes romance, making it the ideal gift this Valentine’s Day.

The limited edition whisky has been released by Speyside Distillery to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Lord Byron’s marriage to Lady Annabelle Millbanke – and only 1,200 bottles of the rare expression have been produced.

SPEY’s long history with the famous poet began after his 1815 wedding, when Lord Byron was said to have gifted King George III with a cask of his favourite SPEY whisky in celebration of the occasion.

Speyside Distillery CEO John Harvey McDonough reports: “We are immensely proud of our association and history with one of the world’s greatest romantic poets. SPEY Lord Byron is smooth and full of charm – like the man himself – and we truly believe that he would have been overjoyed to have a single malt created in his name.

"And what better day than Valentine’s Day – the day when we are all looking for a little romance – to share this wonderful whisky with someone special.”

SPEY Lord Byron has a warm and nutty flavour which enjoys a soft sweet toffee aftertaste and a fresh, fruity lingering note which soothes the palate like warm honey.

 At 46% ABV, 70c, it has an RRP of £95. Stockists can be found at

Will you be able to write poetry to the same Eternal standard of Lord Byron when you taste this fine drink? Perhaps not. But it will be good fun to try. Either that or read Lordy Byron's works to each other as you sip your SPEY. You can order a copy of the complete works of Lord Byron at the bookshop operated by sister site That's Books and Entertainment

Friday, 8 January 2016

Roses are red, violets are blue, This wine is special, special for you!

Those innovative winemakers at Echo Falls have introduced an exciting Limited Edition Rose infused wine for Valentine’s Day!

‘Cupid’ winemakers at Californian wine brand Echo Falls have been experimenting with innovative flavours to create an Echo Falls Limited Edition Fusion that will perfectly tickle taste buds (and pull heart strings) on the most romantic day of the year.

It's a delicate and delicious fusion, fine wines blended with the real and very genuine natural aroma and flavour of roses, it’s a sophisticated sweet tasting treat with a very unique floral twist that is perfect for loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

It's an exciting addition to the wine aisle, the bottle needs no ribbons or bows, in fact it’s too pretty to wrap!

Oozing whimsical romance, the label is adorned in roses, the ultimate icon of Valentine’s Day. In addition - for the shy among us - a metallic handwritten stamp echoes those three small words so you don’t have to, whilst the back label allows you to finish the classic ‘Roses are Red’ poem with space to write your own sweet nothings to that special someone.

Best serve chilled, over ice, or for those who really know the way to the heart of their Valentine - keep the theme sweet and serve with meringue, strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

It's now on sale in Morrison’s and ASDA stores at a remarkably reasonable RRP of £5.99 a bottle.

(EDITOR: That's Food and Drink recommends purchasing at least two or three bottles of this delicious and delicate romantic wine.)

Take the best in whole leaf teas this winter

There are a whole range of healthy greens, wintery whites and inspiring infusions from We Are Tea.

From immune-boosting green teas to comforting, caffeine-free infusions and teas that will put a twist on traditional lattes, We Are Tea has a host of award-winning choices to explore this winter. Each of these speciality teas is ethically sourced, whole-leaf and tastes top-notch, true to the We Are Tea ethos.

Earl Grey Supreme: This Earl Grey is a blend of the finest whole-leaf black teas scented with oil of bergamot and sprinkled with cornflowers to make it as beautiful on the eye as it is on the palate. This is a light, bright infusion with the distinctive aroma and flavour of citrus bergamot. It’s the ultimate base for a We Are Tea Earl Grey Latte, the perfect pick me up as the days grew colder.   From £4.15

Gunpowder Supreme: This explosive green tea is the perfect way to kick-start Guy Fawkes month and boost antioxidant levels as winter approaches. Low in caffeine, it makes for a deliciously sweet and satisfying cup.  From £4.15

Gunpowder Supreme with Ginger: With a perfect balance of green tea and ginger, this exceptional blend is refreshing, reviving and inspiring. The warmth from the ginger lingers on the palate while the green tea warms the soul, making it a perfect choice for a chilly day.  From £5.88

White peony: A full-bodied white tea to enjoy whilst dreaming of a
white Christmas, this tea is fresh and mellow, with hints of melon. From £6.25. Also try Rose White Peony, which features whole pink rose buds to compliment the white tea, resulting in a superb infusion that soothes and delights.  From £6.82

Rooibos: The South African ‘wonder’ herb delivers that perfect combination of health and flavour. This infusion tea is high in antioxidants and caffeine free, making it a great natural winter remedy. From £5.88

Honeybush: Forget the traditional honey and lemon and try this deliciously sweet Honeybush tea to help fend off colds and boost your immune system this winter. A close relation to rooibos, this honeybush is naturally caffeine-free and packs a vitamin C and antioxidant punch.  From £6.15

We Are Tea has a range of 40 teas available in reusable loose leaf tea caddies or pyramid whole leaf tea bags and classified into six categories to make it easy to select, steep and enjoy.

The company is on a mission to break down the barriers to speciality tea and demystify the often over-complicated world of whole-leaf tea. From devising unique colour-coded categories for their teas to launching the simplest loose-leaf tea infuser on the market, they aim to make it easier than ever for people to explore whole-leaf teas from artisan producers across the world.

Discover more of the award-winning range at

All or part of the range is available to purchase online at, or in Tesco stores nationwide. And you will soon be drinking teas that taste better than you ever expected possible.

How so? Because We Are Tea know their teas.

Craze for Coconut Yogurts Continues to Sweep the Nation. And it's greener, too!

The Coconut Collaborative has launched a delicious new Coconut and Almond flavour and added coconut water to all of its recipes, making its range of coconut yogurts the healthiest out there.

Free from dairy, soya and gluten, The Coconut Collaborative yogurts are a great choice for vegans and have proved a real hit with shoppers looking to bring a healthy new twist to everyday eating.

Now with the addition of coconut water, fans have even more reasons to rejoice, as the recipes harness all the goodness from this super-drupe. Coconut fat itself is super-healthy, it’s full of medium –chain fatty acids that are broken down immediately for energy and not stored in the body as fat, whilst coconut water is packed full of naturally occurring potassium and essential electrolytes.

There are five deliciously silky and coconutty recipes to pick from and each is heart healthy, contains zero cholesterol and has no refined sugar:

NEW! Almond and Coconut: The first yogurt on the market bursting with the life-giving nutrients of both the coconut and the almond
Blueberry: A recent addition; the sweet, juicy blueberry compote makes a perfect match for the creamy coconut yogurt
Mango and Passion Fruit: Coconut yogurt with Juicy alphonso mango and passion fruit compote
Raspberry: Creamy coconut yogurt with tasty, tangy raspberry compote
● Natural: Silky-smooth coconut yogurt, pure and simple

Steve Bessant, Co-Founder says.  “We know people will be on the hunt for tasty snacks that are good for you too come the New Year and we think we've cracked it with these new recipes and delicious additions. Over the last year our sales have more than tripled and we expect the taste for our yogurts to continue to take-off throughout 2016.”

Not only does the The Coconut Collaborative celebrate the amazing properties of the coconut, they are also on a mission to spread the coco-love far and wide.

They have recently launched a new sustainability initiative in collaboration with Pur Projet to give back to local communities by planting coconut trees.  They have already planted 1,000 trees in the Philippines and this little piece of jungle will regenerate soil and provide wildlife habitat and income for local communities, too.

RRP £1.40-£1.69 / 120g Yogurt.  All or part of the range is available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Whole Foods as well as independent retailers nationwide.

Visit: for details. Or you can follow then on @coconutcollab.

You'll go nuts for the new Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter from Pip & Nut!

With the craze for nut butter continuing to sweep the nation, Pip & Nut has added another all-natural, nutritious and utterly delicious flavour to its enticing range.

Available now, Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter is a delicate blend of sweet flower honey, warming cinnamon spice and wholesome nutty goodness.

Perfect for the cooler winter days, Honey Cinnamon Cashew looks set to be Pip & Nut’s most popular flavour yet. It feels like an indulgent treat that’s delicious slathered on toast or spooned straight from the jar. Like all Pip & Nut’s nut butters this latest addition to the range is made from all-natural, quality ingredients, with no refined sugars, additives or palm oil. Plus, it’s high protein, vegetarian and packed full of vitamin E and magnesium.

In fact, for the first time, shoppers across the UK will be able to discover the nutty goodness of Pip & Nut, as all four of its delectable spreads will launch into Sainsbury’s stores up and down the country. Designed to be enjoyed at any time, not just for breakfast, the range also includes Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and Coconut Almond Butter.

Pip Murray, Founder of Pip & Nut, says, “We've been thrilled with how our inventive nuts butters have caught the imagination of the nation. Not only are they packed full of flavour and top-quality ingredients, they are also a fantastic source of protein and energy, making them a great pre or post exercise snack, a tasty way to breathe new life into breakfast and delicious and nutritious recipe ingredient.”

Hannah Murphy, Preserves buyer for Sainsbury’s adds,, “We’re pleased customers will be able to buy the Pip & Nut range in our stores.  We know our customers are looking for healthy yet delicious tasting spreads and with four delicious nut butter flavours to choose from, we're confident they'll be well received in our stores".

The Pip & Nut range comprises: Peanut Butter (RRP £2.29); Almond Butter (RRP.
£3.99); Almond & Coconut Butter (RRP. £3.99) and now Honey Cinnamon Cashew
Butter. 250g Jars, (RRP £3.99).

You can also find Pip & Nut on social media platforms:

You can find Pip & Nut in over 1200 stores around the UK and Ireland. Including Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Ocado, Booths, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Fenwick, Revital, As Nature Intended, Partridges, The Grocery, Sourced Market, The People’s Supermarket, 400+ independent cafes, delis, health food stores and gyms

What's the story of Pip & Nut?
Pip & Nut is the brainchild of aspiring entrepreneur and keen marathon runner, Pip Murray. In 2013, whilst on the hunt for a tasty protein hit to support her demanding exercise regime, she discovered there was a real gap in the market for wholesome nut butters with simple yet inventive ingredients.

Taking matters into her own hands, Pip, 27, entered her concept for ‘Pip & Nut’ into a competition titled ‘Escape to the Shed’, run by Escape the City, a company whose mission is to help talented individuals leave their unfulfilling corporate day jobs. After pipping 3000 entrants to the post, she left her day job as a Producer at the Science Museum and spent 3 months living, working and launching her business from a shed in Central London – saving valuable resources whilst concentrating on her business goals.

Using equity crowd-funding platform Crowdcube to source backing to ramp up scale, Pip secured £120k funding round in just nine days. With an original target of £100k she gained 81 investors, giving away 19% equity in the company.

Since it launched into Selfridges in January 2015, the brand has gone from strength to strength gaining a host of listings and industry acclaim. Most recently, Pip & Nut won key industry award, The Grocer New Product Award, for its Coconut Almond Butter and was declared a winner of The Virgin StartUp Foodpreneur Retail Award. In addition, all three launch flavours have been awarded a Great Taste 2015 Star:  a first for a nut butter brand.