Friday, 28 June 2013

Legend of Kremlin Vodka

After a successful launch into the prestigious Mayfair venue Brown’s last month (EDITOR: My wife and I really must visit Brown's again, soon!) Legend of Kremlin Vodka is on a mission for 2013 – to become the most consumed and talked about vodka in W1, London!

Already in discussions with some of the most iconic venues in and surrounding Mayfair, over the coming months Legend of Kremlin Vodka will announce exclusive collaborations, guest appearances and home residencies throughout W1, widely regarded as one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

Legend of Kremlin Vodka prides itself on being derived from the very FIRST vodka recipe, making it Russia’s oldest export (probably!). Taking this original formula, and fusing the finest modern technology with top quality ingredients, Legend of Kremlin has become THE definitive Russian vodka.

Made using luxurious wheat grain infused with artesian well water, and distilled in the only traditional copper vats in use in Russia today, Legend of Kremlin has what most legends lack: authenticity. Each precious drop is enclosed in unique bottles: a Potyomkin glassworks pastiche of an ancient vodka carafe, juxtaposing cold brilliance and golden translucence.

Legend of Kremlin has won eleven “Grand Prix” and nine Gold Medals at the biggest international and Russian degustation competitions, making it a truly legendary drink.
Legend of Kremlin’s predisposition with quality has seen it ally with those who share similar priorities. Over the last year we have seen exciting collaborations with HR Owen, Lamborghini, the Saatchi Gallery and world famous mixologist Salvatore Calabrese!

Legend of Kremlin (70cl) is available from Harrods, leading wine merchants and online retailers. A 50cl carafe will be launched with Harrods in June 2013.

(EDITOR: It has a brilliant and transcendental range of flavours and that knowing tingle that only a high quality Vodka can provide properly!)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

BBQ safety tips from That's Food and Drink

These BBQ safety tips are supplied courtesy of

Position BBQs on level ground, well away from hedges, fences, or overhanging shrubbery. 

When lighting charcoal, only use proper BBQ lighter fuel, never, ever use petrol or other flammable liquids. 

If using gas ensure grill lights immediately, if it fails, turn off gas, leave for a few minutes and try again.

And here is a top safety tip from That's Food and Drink: Never, ever use a BBQ in a tent, a kitchen or a garage or a shed, as carbon monoxide gas released from it could kill.

Blue Monday cheese to be made for Alex James by Shepherds Purse

Musician, writer and cheese maker Alex James has selected Shepherds Purse to produce his Blue Monday cheese under trademark.  

North Yorkshire based Shepherds Purse was chosen for its award winning artisan cheese making skills and innovative speciality for making top notch blue cheese at its family farm in Thirsk.

Blue Monday, traditionally handmade with 100 per cent cow's milk, has been redeveloped to a new recipe created by Alex and the Shepherds Purse team over the last 6 months to ensure its premium quality. The new Blue Monday is a soft, creamy blue cheese with strong blue veining which delivers a smooth, satisfying piquancy to the palate.

Originally named after Alex's favourite New Order song, the new Blue Monday will be added to his fine British artisan cheese range, 'Alex James Presents' and is set to officially launch in August at The Big Feastival, a two day celebration of music, food and fun for the family, founded by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Alex James.

Says Alex James:   "Delicious taste and quality are the cornerstones of the Alex James Presents artisanal cheese range and I am very proud of all our award-winning cheeses.  Blue Monday has perhaps been the most popular and best known, but it hasn't had the chance to shine alongside the others. So we thought we'd bring in the experts at Shepherds Purse to give it some extra love and attention and I'm absolutely delighted with the results."

Caroline Bell, director, Shepherds Purse said: "Innovation blended with tradition is at the core of what we do at Shepherds Purse and we remain proudly artisan, making every cheese by hand using only the best British cow's, ewe's and water buffalo milk. 

"It has been a pleasure to work with Alex developing the Blue Monday recipe and we believe that we have created another world-class blue cheese.  We're excited that the new Blue Monday will be launching at The Big Feastival at the end of August and are looking forward to introducing this cheese to the public".

Shepherds Purse Cheeses produces a range of award-winning, traditionally handcrafted cheeses using British cow's, ewe's and water buffalo milk.  From its kitchen table beginnings in the 1980s, Shepherds Purse has gone from strength to strength, picking up international awards each year. Today, Shepherds Purse is still a family run business, with founder Judy Bell's daughters Katie and Caroline now at the helm. 

Unrivalled for taste and quality,  Shepherds Purse cheeses can be found online at, and nationally in specialist cheese shops, delis and farm shops and in the best major supermarket chains. They are also a great favourite with the nation's top chefs, and can be found in dishes and on the cheeseboards of top hotels, restaurants and pubs across the UK and beyond.

(EDITOR: Shepherds Purse cheeses are amongst some of the best cheeses that I have ever had the pleasure of eating.)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Linda's No Bake Birthday Cake

The recipe for this very rich chocolate birthday cake was made specially for our good friend Linda's birthday.

1 Large page of digestive biscuits
1 pack shortbread biscuits
2 large cans of evaporated milk
1 pack of butterscotch instant pudding mix (of the type to be made with cold milk)
5 bars of chocolate
1 to 2 ounces of butter
Icing, if desired

Crush all the biscuits to a reasonably fine powder.
Then melt the butter in a pan and add the biscuit powder and the butterscotch powder and mix very well.
Remove from heat, place mix in large, deep greased cake tin.
Add the evaporated milk and mix well.
Use a double boiler (if available) to melt 4 bars of chocolate and when totally melted vigorously swirl this through the mix in the cake tin.
Smooth surface, break up fifth chocolate bar and use to decorate the surface, gently pressin in to mixture.
You can add icing to decorate, Dr Oetker's ready-made cake icing is ideal.

Then place in the fridge over night or for several hours.

This is a very rich cake and should prove popular!

Serves well with ice cream and individual portions can be heated in the microwave.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What is coming on That's Food and Drink?

Over the next 12 months That's Food and Drink will carry many different news stories about food and drink, recipes and a range of special features.

There will be special features on dietary requirements, our Wine and Beer  Festivals, our barbecue feature and many more other features.

If you would like to have a product featured, please email and mention That's Food and Drink in the subject line, please.