Thursday, 23 June 2016

Soupologie. It's dairy and gluten free

Soupologie. It's dairy and gluten free. So, one might say it is "dairy and gluten negative" but it's also highly "taste positive."

In the 600 gramme range there is Broccoli and Matcha Green tea soup, Adzuki Bean Soup, Beetroot and Pomegranate, Roasted butternut and red pepper, Curried sweet potato, Three mushroom broth, Ancient grains, Amaranth, flaxseed and millet,  Celery apple and ginger, Cauliflower and kale with black garlic, Wartercress, courgettes and quinoa, Spirulina greens, Pea and leek, plus Spinach and kale with garlic.

They were exactly like the soups that our ancestors used to make on the range many years ago.

Well, except for the fact that many of the above highly health-giving and nutritious ingredients were, sadly, unknown to our ancestors.

But each soup tastes like a little visit to Soup Heaven as they all taste so utterly deliciously divine!

But there's much more to the great tastes. Each soup recipe is entirely plant-based, there is on added sugar (incidentally, the lack of sugar made no difference to the taste, so other soup producers could take note of how Soupologie makes their soups!) and each 600 gramme serving is two of your five a day, so what could be wrong there? Not a blessed thing!

Soupologie describes their soups as: "Soups with benefits" and it would be very difficult to argue with that, packed as they are with a variety of supergreens (Shouldn't that be soupergreens? Sorry!) and highly important and highly nutritious vitamins and minerals.

They have also recently introduced a range of Raw Soups, a first for the UK. They are designed to be eaten without cooking and are chock full of  important enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

These are available as Beetroot and mint, Strawberry, tarragon and lucuma, Watermelon and chilli, Spinach, mango, lime and baobab, plus Cucumber, avocado and kale.

 You can buy the soups online (the 600 gramme tubs cost £2.99) other sizes are available.

For details email, visit or call 020 7435 2245.

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