Monday, 13 June 2016

Tyrell's Poshcorn. Best popcorn I ever tasted!

This summer those clever folk over a Tyyrell's have introduced a special summer flavour for their Poshcorn popcorn range.

Summer strawberries and cream.

When we opened the packet there was a delightful scent of strawberries and cream.

As we sat out on the back patio of That's Food and Drink House, my assistant (well, manager really, AKA my wife!)  we dipped in and our reactions were immediate.

Mine: "Oh, wow! Just like strawberries and cream!"

Hers: "Good heavens! It is just like strawberries and cream!"

It is British grown popping corn combined with real strawberry juice (and some raspberry juice, too) and real, honest to goodness Dorset cream.

At the rate they were being consumed a 75g bag lasted far longer than we thought it would.

Or you can even find a massive 270g party bag!

For a really decadent idea, why not serve them with a bowl of fresh strawberries and real cream?

That was my plan, but sadly we accidentally ate them all before we could put my plan into action.

Next time? Yes. Definitely next time. Unless, of course, we eat them all again before we can get around to doing it!

My advice? Buy several bags and lay them in ready for Wimbledon.

Other flavours available are: Coconut and caramel, sweet, sweet and salty, sea salted, salted with a twist of black pepper and lemon cupcake.

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