Thursday, 23 June 2016

Red Stag from Jim Beam

Jim Beam's Red Stag Black Cherry flavour is Jim Beam's finest whiskey but infused (and also perhaps enthused?) with natural flavourings.

When you open the bottle you know that it is going to be somewhat different. For there is an earnest aroma of fruits, which comes, naturally enough, from the cherries that are used to create this somewhat unique American bourbon whiskey.

There's actually a hint of the scent of a good old fashioned Bakewell Tart coming through on the nose, as they say.

Wow! Talk about sweet! it is as sweet as a bowl of very pleasent sun ripened cherries.

If ever a bourbon deserved to be described as a sipping whiskey, then this, surely, must be it?

There are a number of complexities in the flavour, there's the good, standard Jim Beam flavour, but the rich flavours of the cherries take it to a whole new level of taste excellence.

Good by itself, over ice or as part of any cocktail that you care to mention, though do be aware that if you use this in place of Jim Beam in a recipe do, please, be ready for a taste of something out of the ordinary.

I now find myself wanting a bowl of ripe cherries or a slice of Bakewell Tart, so alluring was the taste of this whiskey.

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