Friday, 24 June 2016

Chika's Plantain Crisps

Chika's Plantain Crisps are a real taste of West Africa brought to the UK.

The plantain is described as the West African reply to the humble spud.

Well, whilst there's some truth in that, you have to remember that the plantain has a little bit more of a taste thing going for it than the more traditionally known potato.

It's also just as versatile as the potato, as Chika has been able to prove with her highly delicious and most agreeable Plantain crisp snacks.

They are hand cooked and the ingredients are plantain, sunflower oil, a little bit of salt (but not too much!)  and with the addition of some kickingly good chilli in the chilli flavoured plantain crisps.

You know they are different to crisps when you open the packet. Well, they are plantains, after all!

But the things you notice about them is their unique flavour.

There is a subtle sweetness there, but then there is also a nice savoury tang to it, also.

There is also a good, satisfying crunch to them, too.

And the kick from the chilli flavoured plantain crisps? It's good. Excellent, in fact, though it is not over-the-top, it's got a sort of laid back kick to it.

Chika has taken her West African heritage and used it to serve up a veritable plantain feast for us.

They are ideal for a snack, as a lunchbox treat, something good for a party or as a tasty supplement to a summer BBQ.

And the clincher is? They are gluten free, too!

To learn more please just visit

And these fantastic crisps are available through Ocado, which is one of the main retailers for Chika!

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