Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Fava Beans. Finland's Nordic Superfood

Fava Beans. Finland's Nordic Superfood?

You could have heard it here on That's Food and Drink, first. The Fava bean from Finland is reputedly the new Nordic superfood.

Why and how? Because it's low in salt and low in sugar and high in fibre, but it has more protein than an egg.

The Fava Mill has a range of very tasty and very filling granolas based on the Fava bean in the following flavours:

Fava Mill Crunchy Granola

Fava Mill Cranberry Granola

Fava Mill Apple and Cinnamon Granola

Fava Mill Apricot and Papaya Granola


Fava Mill Berries and Beets Granola.

All of the above are utterly delicious and if you enjoy a bowl at breakfast time, you'll remain fuelled and focused for a long time thereafter!

But breakfast meals made with wholesome and sustaining  Fava Mill Fava Bean Granolas are not the only use that you can put Fava beans to.

For also in the range are Fava Mill Ground Fava Beans, which can be used as a substitute in vegetarian or vegan recipes which normally use soya beans. A boon for those vegetarians who are allergic to soya products.

You can find out about a whole host of recipes (soups and starters, desserts and savoury meals, snacks, smoothies and more) at

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