Monday, 27 June 2016

Goa Premium Beer

The island of Goa, off the coast of India, is known for its beaches, its sun... and its beer.

Goa is the home of the Impala Distillery and Brewery, Ltd., of Assolda, Quepem, Goa.

One of the beers that it brews is Goa Premium Beer, which is a lager style beer.

It is brewed with all of the essential ingredients to create a good, classic lager style beer.

Water, malt, maize flakes, hops and yeast.

It is a good, honest lager style beer, yet there is something else there, almost, in the complex background flavours, there seems to be a hint of spiciness, that adds a little certain something else to this light and refreshing lager style beer.

Is this due to a reaction between the maize flakes and the other ingredients? It could well be.

It is best served chilled and it makes an excellent accompaniment for all types of food, it goes well with tapas, meals from the Indian subcontinent, British, American, European and African foods, and a bucket of these bottles kept chilled with ice is a perfect addition to anyone's BBQ spread.

In the UK it is distributed by The Offie Ltd., for Viking Ventures UK Ltd.

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