Monday, 13 June 2016

Celia organic premium Czech lager. It's gluten free and flavourful

Celia organic premium Czech lager is an organic lager that is guaranteed gluten free and also guaranteed to be 100% organic.

It's also suitable for vegans as no animal by-products are used in its production.

Some lagers can leave you feeling bloated, this is because carbon dioxide gas is relentlessly pumped into the beer, making it more like fizzy pop than genuine beer.

This is not the case with Celia. Because the only carbonation within Celia is that of the natural brewing process so it does not leave you with that horrible bloated, gassy feeling that comes with some other lagers.

Celia is brewed with Moravian Malt and 100% Organic Saaz Hops. The water used in the brewing process is locally sourced from the neighbouring Zatec foothills, where it is naturally filtered through sand.

Incidentally, the hops are chosen from a specially selected crop in Zatec, where hops have been farmed since 1004, well over 1,000 years of farming history served in a bottle of Celia!

The Saaz hops are the world's only protected hop, which is why Celia Organic Lager is allowed to use the Protected Designation of Origin symbol on their bottles.

It's also carefully brewed to make sure it is an able and very willing accompaniment for almost every type of food, savoury or sweet. (EDITOR: We found it especially good with a chicken dish.)

So, it's organic, it's gluten free and it's safe for vegans to drink.

So what does it taste like?

It's a real premium Czech lager beer. It's lighter than many you might have tried, the bubbles are refreshing, but they do not get in your way of enjoying the flavour of the beer.

There's a refreshing bitter edge and depth to the flavour and there's also more of a fruity background to it, I was thinking berries, my wife was more convinced it was a hint of several citrus fruits, combined.

My wife is, or rather was, not a lager fan, though she has been converted to Celia.

We will be seeking this out again, as it is the only lager so far that my wife (who needs to be gluten free) can both enjoy and tolerate.

It costs £2.50 a bottle and can be found at Waitrose, Ocado, some Oddbins, Booths and Whole Food Market.

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