Thursday, 15 December 2011

King of Beers? The crown belongs to W J King, Brewers!

W. J. King area proud traditional brewer based in Horsham, West Sussex.

Although they declare themselves to be a new style micro brewery, they are clearly more akin to the master brewers of yesterday, when each town of note -and with a good supply of water- had at least two or three breweries, each producing some extremely fine beers all under the watchful eye of the master brewer.

And this is what drinkers will get this Christmas and New Year should they be fortunate enough to find themselves drinking beers brewed by W J King.

Because W J King are proper, traditional brewers of finely crafted ales who do not compromise on brewing technique or on the fine ingredients that they use.

Their IPA, for example, is a fine example of this style of beer. Although it is heavily hopped, this is not over done so the high hop content is well balanced and there is a wonderful fruity tang that supports the hoppy bitterness.

There Market Porter is another fine beer. My wife -an expert on Porter style beers- has declared this the finest Porter she has drunk in many a year!

It is darkly roasted, and yes, one can imagine Victorian market porters using this to slake their considerable thirst before heading back, satisfied, for several hours more hard work. And then, after work, imbibing some more of it before making their way home.

These are only two beers from their extensive range of CAMRA recognised and bottle conditioned beers. To find out more and where to buy them visit

You must get a selection in for Christmas and the New Year.

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