Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The world's top selling win aerator is now available in the UK! Vintur, all the taste, no wait!

The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator, the first and original breakthrough wine accessory hailed by Californian wineries and experts, is now available in the UK.
Wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. As wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavours. Traditionally, decanters were used to aerate wine; however, decanting is time consuming, cumbersome and inconvenient. Vinturi's patented design speeds up this process with ease and convenience.

Simply hold the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator over a glass and pour wine through. Beautifully designed to blend form with function, it draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, instantly allowing wine to breathe.

‘Vinturi accelerates the breathing process, enabling wine lovers to fully enjoy their wine from the very first sip, rather than waiting an hour or more for traditional decanting,’ says Rio Sabadicci, Vinturi’s inventor.

How to enjoy your glass of wine
Vinturi instantly delivers a better bouquet, enhanced flavours and a smoother finish.
· Better bouquet: Sample the nose of the wine. You'll appreciate the subtle aromatic differences and the full aroma of the wine. Vinturi allows wine to release its intended aromas.
· Enhanced flavours: Take a sip. Vinturi aerated wine tastes better, richer and more expensive as well as more flavoursome with better mouthfeel.
· Smoother finish: Vinturi aeration is very effective at softening tannins resulting in a much more pleasant finish. Any bitterness or bad aftertaste is reduced or eliminated.

How it works
The design applies Bernoulli's principle, which states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. When wine is poured in the Vinturi, its design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure difference draws in air, which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration.

The magic formula behind Vinturi,
with a little help from Bernoulli
Pricing and availability

The Vinturi Aerator retails at £39.95 and is available from the following stockists:,,,,, www,,, and

Vinturi is a wine accessory designed to speed up the aeration process with ease and convenience. By holding the Vinturi over a glass and pouring wine through, the aerator draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing wine to breathe instantly. The result is wine with the best possible flavour, aroma and finish. Vinturi inventor Rio Sabadicci collaborated with top industrial designers to develop this unique product that combines form and function to enhance the wine experience. The first of its kind and with a patented design which took many years to perfect, the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator was first launched in the United States in May 2007.

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