Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Good with Christmas and the New Year, Sauvignon Blanc

This delicious white wine, Sauvignon Blanc, is a wine of the Western Cape of South Africa.

It is a modern wine which although proud of its long heritage is youthful and modern enough to wear its screw cap with a certain  amount of innocent pride.

Yes, it is clearly a good Sauvignon white wine, but there's a little more, too. When you drink it there are clear, fruity tones, there are hints of apple but these are enhanced by a rich top note of pears, too. Is there also, perhaps, a subtle blend of the flavours of some fruits of the forest, there, as well? Perhaps there are.

This wine deserves to be served chilled and you will find it goes well with any food at Christmas or the New Year, though I believe it is especially good with Christmas pudding and Christmas cake, Stollen and mince pies.

In fact, moving on into the summer months, this wine will make a fine addition to any al fresco dining that you have planned.

It makes a good first wine for the diner who is new to wine drinking. The wine is also produced using environmentally aware methods, so is a green wine, as well as a white one!

Thr ABV is 13% (so should be treated with respect) and should cost about the £8.00 mark and is available through Tesco stores. It is imported into the UK by Thierry's Wine  Services. For more details and to check on availability outside the UK, visit www.sauvignon.com.

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