Friday, 23 December 2011

Brew Up A Healthy New Year With The Tea Experience

Put the festive overindulgence behind you and start the new year feeling good with energising and refreshing teas from The Tea Experience The online speciality tea company offers a rejuvenating range of gentle everyday loose teas that are high in antioxidants and low in caffeine to give you a health boost and help your overall wellbeing.

Goji berries are known as 'the happy' berry in China and the Chinese believe it has lots of beneficial properties for wellbeing. Goji Tea from The Tea Experience offers a blend with lovely, fruity depth which includes goji berries, strawberry, blackberry and apple pieces, making it a delicious drink for adults and children alike and great hot or cold.

Light, fruity and floral Harmony Tea offers a stunningly pretty tea made with quality ingredients. Blended using Feng Shui principles to promote harmony, the tea includes goji berries, dragon fruit, apple pieces, blackberry, nettle leaves, orange peel and eucalyptus leaves for a gentle, slightly sweet flavour.

Rich in minerals and vitamins, In the Pink provides a truly tasty brew. Cranberries form the basis of this tea and it also includes apple, nettle, verbena, lemon grass, natural flavouring of acai and blackberry leaves. This infusion is slightly tart and suits those who prefer a less fruity or sweet taste.

Kombucha Green is believed to have medicinal qualities and has been drunk in the Far East for hundreds of years with this in mind. A combination of Chinese sencha green tea, kombucha, fruit leaves, herbs and flowers, the tea has a distinct aroma and refreshing taste of sweet plum

Top grade Liquorice Rooibos from South Africa is blended with aniseed and sunflower petals for a deep, rich liquorice taste and a must for those who love the taste of aniseed. Another top grade Rooibos tea is Lemon Myrtle Rooibos, a blend with Australian lemon myrtle, orange pieces and jasmine blossom with a dash of ginger. A very popular blend and flavourful tea.

The Tea Experience also offers a refreshing and rejuvenating range of white and green teas, including Pai Mu Tan from the Fujian province, which provides a delicate and light taste. Young Hyson green tea is made with young leaves plucked in early spring before the rains start to fall. A distinctive, light tea with a pleasant after taste. Japanese Cherry green flavoured tea was named after the blender visited Japan in springtime, seeing the cherry blossom. A subtle blend of Chinese sencha fragranced with cherry.

As part of The Tea Experience's January Offers, customers can by a pack of three of these teas (Pai Mu Tan, Young Hyson and Japanese Cherry) at a special inclusive price of £8. 3 x 50g bags (normal retail price £9.23) can be bought from January 1-31st 2012.

Try drinking wellness, green and white loose teas as part of a New Year, New You regime for a healthier outlook because they re-hydrate, offer beneficial properties and are a refreshing, rejuvenating and tasty alternative the tiresome teabag.

The Tea Experience was set up by former Royal Mail human resources manager, Ann Davis, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, who lifted the lid on a new career by turning a hobby into a growing online speciality tea business. Originally selling traditional China teapots, after being inspired by a gift from her husband, Paul, the business is expanding and now offers a complete tea drinking experience from imported loose tea to tea ware and gifts.

Importing loose tea from the Far East and Europe from specialist tea importers and wholesalers, The Tea Experience ensures consistency of taste and quality for its customers. The husband and wife team have been lucky enough to travel and work in the Far East, mainly in China, over a number a years. Each trip provided the opportunity to try a variety of teas which often made them question the quality of what they were drinking at home. They are now on a mission to encourage tea drinkers to leave the bag and let the tea loose!

The Tea Experience range includes Black, Green, Red and White tea to Wellness teas, as well as Rooibos, Oolong, Chai, Pu-erh and the fascinating flowering teas. Teaware ranges from mugs, pots and tea bowls to Chinese and traditional tea sets.

A new teaware range has also been added. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Lostwithiel in Cornwall is a potter. John Webb has been making teapots and mugs for more than 30 years and has been selling his wares only within the County. Paul and Ann managed to track him down earlier this summer and convinced him to sell a collection to The Tea Experience. Two ranges of beautifully made teapots and mugs are launched and at reasonable prices make a great gift.

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