Monday, 12 March 2012

Gorenje Introduces Built-In Coffee Machine

Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famed for its creative and inspirational appliances, presents the latest addition to its product portfolio; the CFA9100E built-in coffee machine.

As our focus becomes ever more centred on the home, and we strive to create our dream property, many of us are on the lookout for special products to help us achieve this. For this reason additional appliances, such as a built-in coffee machine, are of real interest.

Gorenje's new built-in coffee machine is the perfect choice for those who want restaurant quality coffee and hot drinks in the comfort of their own home. Its sleek and glamorous stainless steel design provides a true feeling of luxury, while it also boasts a selection of practical features that prioritise ease of use and produce excellent results.

The Gorenje coffee machine lets the consumer create coffee in a variety of strengths and sizes, to ensure they can have their perfect cup! These settings can then be stored in the coffee machine's memory for future use. Furthermore, the Autocappuccino function creates a delicious cappuccino with just one touch of a button, while allowing the consumer to set the level of milk according to their personal preferences.

Cleaning the coffee machine is also a breeze - one press of the 'clean' button starts an antibacterial programme which will treat the milk dispenser and inner suction tubes. The appliance also performs a self-clean of the dispensing nozzles every time it is turned on or off, removing coffee residue and preventing clogging.

Bill Miller, Gorenje's Sales and Marketing Director, says: "Gorenje is expanding its product range with the inclusion of a very stylish built-in coffee machine, which would look at home in even the most lavish kitchens. Appliances such as these provide a feeling of attainable luxury and make an everyday task seem much more exciting - they are also ideal for using when you have visitors or guests to your home."

Key features and benefits of the Gorenje CFA9100E built-in coffee machine:

Stainless steel built-in automatic coffee machine
Consumer can adjust the fineness of the coffee grind to one of nine different levels
Milk frothing function for creating lattes, hot chocolates and other beverages
Autocappuccino function creates perfect cappuccino at the touch of a button
Self-cleaning function automatically cleans nozzles whenever machine is turned on or off, removing coffee residue and preventing clogging
Clean function gives milk dispenser and suction tubes an antibacterial treatment
Ability to programme personalised coffee setting
LCD display with touch buttons for ease of use
Automatic lighting of spot and drip tray for visibility when machine is in use
Choice of three espresso shot sizes: single, medium and double
Allows two cups to be prepared simultaneously
Removable milk container for storage in the fridge when not in use
Internal bean dispenser
Descaling programme to remove limescale build-up
1.8 litre removable water tank
Hot water only setting
Maximum noise level: 60 dB(A)
15 bar pressure
Free two year parts and labour guarantee
Dimensions: H x W X D: 455 x 595 x 405mm
The CFA9100E retails for approximately £1175

For further information about Gorenje's new CFA9100E built-in coffee machine, please call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit the website at to find your nearest stockist.

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