Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Otto Pizza announces New Seasonal Toppings Menu

The UK’s only cornmeal crust pizza restaurant – situated in Notting Hill – announces the seasonal changes to its menu.

The brainchild of self-confessed slackers Tom and Rich, who discovered the recipe whilst on a GAP year road-trip through Portland in a camper van called Otto, cornmeal provides a much sturdier, more filling base for pizza crust – which can then be piled generously with toppings.

Otto is also famous for using unusual ingredients – often pairing vegetables with more traditional pizza favourites, making the restaurant a popular choice for vegetarians.

Pizza topping combos making an appearance this Spring include:

Spinach and Artichoke

Cauliflower Cheese

Leek and Bacon

Red Lentil Kofte

Leek and Potato

Otto’s pizzas are sold by the slice – or as a 6 slice taster platter. The chef also makes a base without gluten.

In addition to the new toppings on the menu, Otto also serves a daily special, details of which can be found on twitter @ottopizzauk.

Otto pizzas can be taken away and enjoyed at home or restaurant diners can pair pizza with one of Otto’s selection of American craft beers or a glass of New World wine.

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