Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chocolate and Butter for Lowering Cholesterol and Weight Management

Scientists and doctors from a Cambridge-based company, Lycotec Ltd, have developed a technology which converts all edible fats and oils into lipid-lowering and weight management products.

Moreover, it prevents the accumulation of excessive fat in our body should we succumb to temptation and eat more than we should have done.

This technology explores completely new mechanisms of lipid metabolism in humans.

Based on this, the company has developed new chocolate and butter products which have been tested in double blind, placebo controlled trials.

The results were remarkable in drastic reduction of elevated cholesterol and triglycerides in patient blood – major lipids in our body.

The taste and the texture of the new products are identical to the original, and the cost is 2 pence per day for 1 person.

The ingredients used are safe and accepted by the food industry, and technology implementation does not require specialised or expensive equipment.

According to the founder of Lycotec, Dr. Ivan Petyaev, we now have the means to completely change the negative impact of food fats in our society. Let industry make it happen.

For more information please contact info@lycotec.com

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