Sunday, 27 November 2011

When you are doing your Christmas baking, shouldn't you reach for the Renshaws?

Smart home bakers know that the best help they can have in their kitchen are items from the Renshaw range.

Making a Christmas cake? Then reach for the Renshaws' edible icing ribbon, to give your cake that glamorous finish that will taste every bit as good as it looks.

And you'll find them in six very exciting and extremely Christmasy colours. Black, pink, blue, yellow, red or green.

And whilst you are at it, why not give your cake a bit of Chirstmas magic by adding some other items from the new Consumer Range from Renshaw's?

There's even something to keep the children happy and baking (under your careful supervision, of course!) with Magic Melting Icing, and Cool Coloured and the Funky Flavoured Sugardough!

For inspiration and full access to the range visit and learn how Renshaw can help you be the baking expert that you really always knew you could be.

(EDITOR: But DO make sure some human helpers don't help themselves to too many of the icing products before you get to bake with them! But they are very tempting!)

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