Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tasty gluten-free Mince Pies. And that's the Genuius of it!

There was a time when "gluten free" sent a shiver down the spine of anyone with an allergy or an intolerance to wheat and/or gluten.

Yes, years ago there were gluten free products but they lacked a good mouth feel and they did not taste particularly nice, either!

Mince Pies were a good example. Either the pastry was wrong and horribly dry and/or the mince mixture was cloying and not especially pleasant.

But then along came someone with a genuine desire to put all that right. To ensure that gluten free did not mean taste free!

That someone was Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, who created Genius Foods. And so set in train a move toward providing people with decent tasty foods that were indistinguishable from normal food because it was normal food itself!

The pastry of Genius Mince Pies is a real crumbly shortcrust pastry and the filling is a real and extremely tasty proper rich, moist and fruity Mince Pie filling. Together the combination is a truly classic Christmas traditional delicacy. So good, in fact, that you could serve it as your only mince pie. But you'd best be sure to get a good few boxes in! Because they will prove popular! Could you pass them off as home made? You know, you probably could, but as that's definitely not in the tradition of the spirit of Christmas, you'll not want to be doing that!

So, tuck into your Genius Mince Pies, whilst raising a glass of mulled wine to Lucina Bruce-Gardyne, the founder of this particular Christmas feast! (And yes, that was a reference to A Christmas Carol!)

Of course, Genius make a whole range of equally tasty Gluten free products, so to find out more, visit  or nip over to their Facebook page at

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