Sunday, 13 November 2011

Marquis Vodka. Stylish and sophisticated

Marquis Vodka is stylish and it is sophisticated. It comes in a rather special bottle. No descriptions would do it justice, save to say that it consists of some rather special colours and a mirrored effect.

The bottle bears the inscription: "Nulli Secundus" which is, as I expected, is Latin for second to none.

Having tasted this rather special Polish Private Label Vodka, all I can say with confidence is that Second to None is probably a pretty accurate description for Marquis Vodka.

It's 80 Proof, 40% alcohol and is a 100% neutral spirits vodka. The bottle points out that it is made from "exceptional rye grain" and fully born out by the taste of this vodka which, it has to be said, is also pretty exceptional.

The taste is redolent of Polish nobility, of princes, princesses, kings and queens, of palace parties and of dashing Polish Cavalry Officers.

It is wickedly smooth, with a clean, crisp taste that is deceptively easy to drink. It's perfect by itself, although it works very well with Cola (your author's favourite is Royal Crown Cola) or as a very useful ingredient in many cocktails which will make it a firm favourite this Christmas and New Year.

It is available at discerning outlets nationwide and also at at a price of £28.99. But the clever advice is to get at least two bottle in, perhaps more. Or you will risk running out very, very quickly, indeed!

Here is a cocktail that you can try:
Marquis vodka
50ml passion fruit puree
10ml vanilla syrup
10ml kaffir-infused simple sugar syrup
15ml egg white
Shake all ingredients in a Boston shaker, double strain into chilled champagne coupĂ© and garnish with a floating slice of passion fruit.

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