Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Primula Cheeses. First class, as always

Primula cream cheeses are first class, as they always have been.

When we first tried Primula cheeses back when I was a small child, my favourite was -as it still is- Primula cream cheese with ham.

It actually made perfect party food, with a carefully squeezed amount on Ritz crackers or other similar biscuits, they always looked about as good as they tasted.

And if you wanted to be a little more posh than usual, making Primula Cheese sandwiches (crusts removed and then cut into shapes using small pasty shapes) and your party was the talk of the town. Well, at least the talk of the neighbourhood!

But there's so much more to Primula Cream Cheese than as a nifty and quick party food.

You can use them with jacket potatoes, with new potatoes, as part of an innovative salad dressing, on sandwiches, with pork pies, mixed into mashed potatoes, combined with corned beef hash, or used ot liven up some bubble and squeak, used with with meat pies and even employed to enliven a cheesecake. (Obviously not the savoury flavours, though!)

There's so much that you can do with Primula, that the clever folk at Primula have created a large fund of tasty and innovative recipes for you to make something just that little bit different with your Primula. Well, that's supposing that your family will leave your Primula alone for long enough so that you can have any left to use in your cooking!

You can find the recipes at

Primula is available in the following flavours: Original Cheese, Cheese With Chives, Light Cheese, Cheese With Prawns and Cheese With Ham.

As well as coming in tubes you can also get them in spreadable tubs and there's a range of dips, too.

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