Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Freeganism lite, or how to save money safely

For those who do not like the idea of grubbing through bins for free food outside the rear of supermarkets and risk getting arrested as a thief, or perhaps even run the risk of catching an unpleasant disease (food and bins are not a good combination) there is always the option of waiting for the short dated bargains.

Please let me explain. Almost all supermarkets have sections in the store where items are sold off at very cheap prices. They are either items that are remaindered or have cosmetically damaged packaging. They are sometimes known, quaintly, as the "bent bargains" section!

There are also usually a refrigerated bargain section where, towards the end of the day, you can find bargain refrigerated items. For example today my wife and I found four pizzas that were normally £2.00 each for the very reasonable price of 37p each!

These are now safely stowed away in our freezer for later consumption.

You can often obtain bargain cooked meats, bargain fresh meats, cheaply priced cheeses, cut price sandwiches and the like.

Bargain bread and cakes are often nearer to the baked goods section.

There will also be a section devoted to cheaper vegetables and fruits, too.

You need to scope out your favourite supermarket and mark down the location of any likely bargains. And work out the best times to get there,

For example, arrive at spot on 5.30pm and you'll fill your basket or trolley with bargains.

But arrive at 5.40pm and all that is left is a howling wasteland bereft of any bargains whatsoever!

You'll have fun finding the bargains, sometimes staff are very helpful to patient, friendly and chatty regular bargain hunters. And if that's you? You will be quids in, as the saying puts it!

So, happy bargain hunting folks!

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