Sunday, 1 May 2016

Great Uncle Cornelius' range of real non-alcoholic drinks

From the James White company, the Cornelius range is described by the company as: "The 'Great Uncle' to all their brands."

Take a stroll back through time. Not to yesterday, when soft drinks had become chemical concoctions that gave children garishly coloured lips and tongues and hyper-active mad-ups due to the propensity of soft drink makers to shove dubious chemicals into their soft drinks.

We would rather you step back a good deal further, back to a time when soft drinks were made using real fruits, real sugar, some water and nothing else.

Take that step back and you will find yourself in the time of The Great Uncle Cornelius range of James White.

You'll be able to try their Lemon Refresher, which is cloudy because of the fruit juices contained therein, not due to any nasty E number nonsense!

Or try the new Rhubarb Refresher!

Rhubarb is known for its exceptionally tart taste, but combined with just the right amount of apple juice, it makes for a lovely and utterly refreshing drink.

But for those of you who like their drinks a little hotter, why not try Uncle Cornelius' Famous Spiced Ginger?

Enjoy it cold over ice (if you want to add ice, that is?) or why not try it warm?

It makes a perfect Whisky Mac, so add the Scotch (or Irish Whiskey or Welsh whisky) of your choice and you'll soon be in a Celtic heaven!

Or if you are feeling under the weather, add honey to it to make a perfect hot toddy.

Or why not try the James White Organic Ginger Zinger Shot?

It will give you a really good boost, just when you need it and it's free from any horrible additives!

You can buy the James White range of drinks at

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