Tuesday, 19 April 2016

You should eat In the Nood!

Yes, you really should eat In The Nood!

Because In the Nood is an absolutely fantastic and incredibly innovative food for those of us who care about what we are consuming.

What is In the Nood? It's a special pouch of absolutely delicious goodness.

The pouch is filled with highly tasty raw ingredients that together combine to create something that's good for everyone, but especially for those who have dietary restrictions.

You can take the mix out and roll it into balls which you can chill, and then eat at your leisure.

These are new products and That's Food and Drink are proud to be amongst the first people to taste test them.

They are created by two incredibly clever people, Alex and Sam Lai.

They are designed to allow you to roll your own energy ball food snack.

The idea is to enable people who need an energy boost, especially if you have an energy deficiency in the mid-afternoon period.

They are also ideal for breakfast, for a picnic snack or for a tasty desert after a BBQ. And kids and adults just love them.

I am a Type 2 Diabetic and rather than gulping down sugar I much prefer to be able to use something like In the Nood, which, although it can give me a carb boost, has no added sugar.

They are also pretty keen as snacks before or after a good work out session.

 ihave created a 'roll your own energy ball' (yes, there's the USP!) to stop those mid-week, mid-afternoon cravings and add a healthy dose of the good stuff, instead of the usual sweet treats - great for summer picnics, BBS, to keep the kids and adults happy!

They come in three delicious flavours: Orange and Cacao, Simpy Cacao, and Crunchy Cacao.

They say: "In the Nood are healthy snacks with nothing to hide. They come in a pack with fully mixed dates, coconut, cacao and other amazing ingredients so you can roll your own energy ball. With three flavours available we've created something that's nutritious and customisable for folks' own recipes, and with NO ADDED SUGAR, they are a great pre or post work out snack, or a snack on the run, or, if you fancy it you can eat it from the bag! Kids will love them too - a whole host of creativity at their fingertips with them making their own recipes and creating fun cookie cutter shapes!"

"The In the Nood energy ball mix is just full of good stuff such as antioxidants, fibre and minerals and no added nasties. It's all about being able to 'roll your own energy ball' to stop those cravings and add a healthy dose of what's great, instead of reaching for the usual naughty sweet treats."

To learn more please visit http://www.inthenood.com.

Each 175g pack costs £7.99.

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