Monday, 11 April 2016

There's a new Sauvignon Blanc available. It's from Eisberg

Need to reduce your calorific intake or you can't or won't drink alcohol?

Miss your favourite white wine, miss the taste of Sauvignon Blanc wine?

You do not have to miss it any longer, as Eisberg has introduced a very taste-filled Sauvignon Blanc wine, which has no alcohol and reduced calories.

The alcohol content is never more than 0.05% and one 125ml serving contains only 28 calories. Whilst a standard glass of Sauvignon Blanc wine has something on the order of 104 calories. That's quite a saving.

But you might be thinking: "Well, that's all well and good. It does you good, but does it taste good, too?"

In this instance, it not only has the potential to do you good, it also tastes pretty good, too.

What, exactly, does it taste like?

It has the classic Sauvignon Blanc wine bouquet. Summer fruits and hedgerow fruits are definitely on the nose.

The taste is interesting. There's none of the bite you might expect -no alcohol- but this raises other points of interest. The nose of this wine also follows through to the taste.

This  Sauvignon Blanc wine has a taste of summer fruits, of preserves lovingly  made from wild hedgerow fruits, but with a more exotic undernote, too. What is it? Peaches? Perhaps a combination of peaches and apples?

It is also mouthwatering  and at only £3.50 from Waitrose or Co-op stores all over the country, this is a wine that you simply can't buy by the single bottle. I'd recommend buying them in multiples of three at the very least!

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