Sunday, 13 March 2016

Eggs are perfect. Especially the Crackin Eggs!

Yes, eggs are the perfect food.

And here's why!:-

½ Dozen Crackin’ Egg Facts
1. Eggs are a superfood and are rich in vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, D, B12, B2 (Riboflavin), Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Phosphorous, Iodine and Selenium

2. Contrary to popular belief, eggs contain HDL cholesterol which is good for you and actually removes excess cholesterol from the rest of the body and transports it back to the liver

3. Eggs have a low energy density so make you feel fuller for longer and are very good for energy levels, metabolism and concentration

4. 12.6% of the edible portion of an egg is protein which is one of the highest you can get and is used as a reference standard against which all other foods are assessed

5. Egg protein is a rich source of the essential amino acid leucine, which is important in modulating the use of glucose by skeletal muscle and in facilitating muscle recovery after exercise

6. Eggs are good for your bones, muscles, liver, eye sight, thyroid gland, immune system, red blood cell formation, nervous system function, hair, skin and nails

So what exactly are "Crackin Eggs?"

 The eggs are free-range hard-boiled eggs which come in twin packs with special seasoning sachets (salt & black pepper, sweet chilli or sour cream & chive).

They are also particularly handy as the eggs last up to 4 weeks outside of the fridge due to their special coloured wax coating – which is also a fun addition to any picnic hamper!

The eggs are really affordable - a twin-pack with seasoning costs just £1.59 at Ocado.

Visit for details.

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