Sunday, 13 March 2016

WELLY A new name for top quality cooked meat

As we head deeper into 2016 and our purses seem to get even tighter, many of us turn our lunchtime attention to boring salads and listless soups.

WELLY, which is a new British made cooked meat brand, has come to the rescue of families and individual mealtimes across the UK as it has launched a tasty new range of premium sliced meats.

Tired of the boring same old same old lunches? Sick of eating a pointless salad made from what your grandparents would have dismissed as a bowl of old weeds? Like a colleague who ended up with a scratched throat when the sharp stem of some weed, sorry, delicious salad ingredient, stabbed her as she swallowed it down?

But now there is a new, classy act that is hitting select chiller counters around the country, WELLY prepared meats.

They offer a range of cooked hams and chicken slices that are like the meats you remember from years ago, but which are available today.

They taste good, but what is the difference between WELLY and other purveyors of cooked meats?

Could it be the fact that WELLY meats are only ever sourced from select farms that WELLY knows and trusts to supply quality meats?

This means that parents can send their children off to school knowing that their lunch is a proper, balanced meal and that the meat is fully traceable, too.

With many cooked meat brands sadly falling short of the mark when it comes to offering us good quality and affordable product, WELLY is launching to provide British ham and chicken to those who care about where their food comes from.

The hams come in a delicious array of flavours. You'll be tempted to try their delicious honey roast ham, cooked or wafer thin. Or perhaps their truly scrumptious British Roast Chicken is more to your liking?

WELLY meats can be found in Waitrose stores and NISA stores.

Prices are:
Honey Roast Ham, 115g, 9 slices.  RRP £1.19
Cooked Ham, 115g, 9 slices.  RRP £1.19
Wafer Thin Honey Roast Ham, 300g, RRP £2.00
Lean Breaded Ham, 300g, 13 slices. RRP £3.00
Wafer Thin Roast Chicken, 300g, RRP £2.00

(EDITOR: In sandwiches, with sandwich thins, on open rolls or even used as the basis for a new and exciting curry dish invented by my wife (roast chicken curry) WELLY will really give your meals some WELLY!)

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