Sunday, 13 March 2016

MOMA! that's some real porridge!

MOMA, that's Making Oats More Awesome, do exactly that. They make oats (much) more awesome!

MOMA has introduced a new totally awesome twist to this tasty breakfast treat, the New Coconut and Chia Porridge Pot.

Although it is deliciously creamy, it's gluten free and dairy free and vegan's can eat it safe in the knowledge that it is a truly vegan friendly porridge. That also tastes good, too.

Unusually for something that is this healthy and good for you it is also freshly prepared by you in a matter of mere moments.

The recipe calls for a blend of jumbo and fine oats, chia seeds and coconut milk powder. But there's one ingredient that you will not find that you will not miss, added sugar!

But it is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, designed to keep you going throughout the day, and whilst it is gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly, it still has MOMA’s signature creamy taste and chunky texture.

There are three simple stages to the preparation of MOMA Coconut and Chia Porridge Pot.

1) Add hot water
2) Stir
3) Eat!

So, why chia seeds? Why coconut milk?

Chia seeds are full of antioxidants that fight free radicals, give us a well-needed (but vegan friendly!) boost from Omega 3, ideal for healthy heart and nerve function and rich in protein which is important as it helps kick-start your metabolism and staves off hunger cravings after you have eaten.

Coconut milk contains phosphorus which is vital for strengthening bones. It also enjoys a high concentration of fibre which helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.

It's available at £1.30 a pot to buy online from and Ocado from January and in Waitrose stores, now. Or you can purchase the range at

MOMA Porridge is available nationwide in pot and sachet format, in five additional flavours - Plain, Plain - no added sugar, Cranberry and Raisin, Golden Syrup and Super Seeds.

Tom Mercer, Founder of MOMA Foods said, “We want everyone to be able to enjoy delicious MOMA porridge for breakfast but we know more and more people are cutting down on dairy in their diets for allergy and health reasons, and turning to plant-based foods instead. 

"That’s why we've launched MOMA’s new Coconut and Chia Porridge Pot - the slow release energy from the oats, and calcium and omega 3 from the chia seeds, make this a really healthy and satisfying breakfast”.

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