Tuesday, 8 March 2016

James White introduces his unique Organic Ginger Zinger

James White's Organic Ginger Zinger is a really unique ginger drink.

Each 7cl bottle is stuffed full of ginger goodness. 26% crushed ginger juice, 57% apple juice and 17% water and that's it!

It's great for ginger lovers -there's a real ginger kick right there, in each bottle.

It gives you a tasty, gingery, fruity boost, but without the annoying caffeine you find in the vast majority of so-called energy drinks.

It has no artificial preservatives, no artificial colours and no mystery flavourings, so it is guaranteed to be 100% natural.

And better still, it receives the Soil Association certification proving that it is, indeed, fully organic.

It is safe, there's nothing harmful or nasty in it and it's organic.

But what does it taste like?

It has a refreshing taste of apple juice, but there's a pungent and earthy aroma that you only get with real ginger.

But the real bonus is the hot and punchy ginger flavour that wows your senses and really ensures that you are awake and ready for whatever life intends to throw your way!

Or you can take it with you for a boost later on in the day.

You can expect to pay £1.49 for a bottle at Planet Organic or it can be purchased at  this online retailer http://goo.gl/ZxiswR.

For more details please visit http://www.jameswhite.co.uk/ginger_zinger.

And for an article on the general benefits of ginger in one's diet, please visit http://healthnfitnesshops.com/health-benefits-of-ginger.html.

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