Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Here's a twist! It's World Pretzel Day!

We kid you not! 26th April is World Pretzel Day! The Pretzel is reputedly the world's oldest snake food, so it is only fitting that the Pretzel should have its own special day.

The top-selling UK Pretzel brand, Penn State Snacks, is really going for it on World Pretzel Day (26 April) with a series of giveaways and bits of pure fun! And they, naturally, want YOU to join in!
Dating back to the sixth century monks, the pretzel is said to be the world’s oldest snack and with a wide variety of flavours, including sour cream and chive and sweet and spicy salsa - Penn State Snacks has something for everyone to enjoy. (EDITOR: In my opinion, you cannot beat the sour cream and chive flavour!)
Penn State was the first company to make Pretzels in the UK, they started production of their original sea salted pretzel flavour way back in 1996. Since then their popularity has grown and the British pretzel now has a firm fan base. 

Pretzels are now the snack of choice for millions of people around the world who crave a healthy yet delicious alternative to the standard crisp. With Penn State pretzels starting at just 94 calories and only three WeightWatchers ProPoints per 25 gram serving, it’s not hard to see why.
Steve Harger, from Intersnack, the company behind the Penn State brand said: “The average American consumes approximately 1.5 pounds of pretzels a year and we want to put the pretzel on the map here in Britain. With Penn State you can indulge in some guilt free snacking as all our products are baked, not fried and much healthier than many other snacks on the market.
“There are so many ways for people to embrace World Pretzel day. Pretzels are the perfect snack to share with others, so on April 26, why not take some packs to work to share with colleagues or invite the girls around for a night in with a girly film and some pretzels and dips? There are plenty of activities for consumers to get involved with online, and many great prizes to giveaway.”
In the build up to World Pretzel Day, Penn State Snacks is on the hunt to find the ultimate pretzel fan and is challenging members of its Facebook and Twitter sites: http://www.facebook.com/pennstatesnacks and http://twitter.com/Pennstatesnacks to prove their dedication by following a series of pretzel related challenges.
(EDITOR: And they make an ideal addition to any BBQ and a fun snack for your Royal Wedding Party!)

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