Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Safety tips for cooking out doors on the barbecue

Many people will be barbecuing food this summer. Some of them will fall victim to food poisoning. Here are some tips to avoid food poisoning at barbecues:

1) Ensure the barbecue and all cooking utensils are clean before you start.
2) Do NOT leave uncooked food out of the freezer or fridge for long periods of time before cooking them.
3) NEVER allow raw and cooked foods to come into contact.
4) Ensure all foods are cooked through properly and thoroughly.
5) Do not allow food, barbecue or plates to become contaminated.
6) Make certain that tables, etc., outside are free from contamination from bird droppings, etc.
7) Make sure the barbecue chef has wipes and paper towels available.
8) Ensure all salads are washed.
9) Ensure you have alcohol gel for hand cleaning for the chef and for helpers and diners
10) If something doesn't taste quite right, then do not eat it. In fact, it is better to waste it, rather thank risk food poisoning
11) Clean up as you go along

If you follow those basic rules, you have a good chance of not developing food poisoning or poisoning your guests.

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