Monday, 4 April 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party Necessities from Ginsters

As Britain prepares for the most high profile Royal Wedding since Charles and Diana, Cornish savoury pastry brand Ginsters has a great selection of party treats to choose from for celebrations taking place across the nation to mark the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th. (EDITOR: So, why bother making sandwiches for 20 guests when you can Ginsters to cater fro your Royal Wedding bash?!)

Whether seeking sandwiches for traditional themed British tea parties, or wholesome snacks to feed street party masses, no celebration should be without new Ginsters Spicy Pork Roll. Adding a hot twist to a British party staple, Ginsters Spicy Pork Rolls are made with locally sourced fresh British sausage meat stuffed full of aromatic jalapenos and Cajun spices. These delicious rolls can be easily sliced into bite-size chunks for the perfect party finger food.

The obligatory sandwich platter is a must at your celebratory bash, so why not set the scene by offering a mouthwatering selection of Egg and Cress, Chicken and Mayo, Ham and Cheese or the more exotic new Cheddar and Chilli Jam sandwiches. For traditional party goers, why not try the quintessential Ginsters Tuna and Cucumber sandwich, ideal enjoyed with a nice cup of tea.

Pie lovers will love this yummy new twist on the classic pork pie, with a hint of cheese and pickle, Ginsters Mini Ploughman’s Pork Pies are easily munchable and supply two mini mouthfuls in each pack, more than enough to feed hungry guests at any street party shindig.

For those seeking time-honoured British cuisine, Ginsters is launching a delicious special edition Cheddar and Bacon pasty, just in time for the Royal nuptials. Bursting with flavour, this creamy cheddar and crispy bacon pasty filling is ideal for snacking and sharing with family and friends while celebrating the Royals’ big day.

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FACTFILE: These are some of the available delicacies from Ginsters:-
Ginsters Spicy Pork Roll pack RRP£1.59
Ginsters Egg and Cress sandwich RRP£1.79
Ginsters Chicken and Mayo sandwich RRP£2.69
Ginsters Ham and Cheese sandwich RRP£2.69
Ginsters Cheddar and Chilli Jam sandwich RRP£2.19
Ginsters Mini Ploughman’s Pork Pies RRP£1.59
Ginsters Cheddar and Bacon pasty RRP£1.99

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