Sunday, 1 May 2016

Jimmy's Iced Coffee. Iced coffee like it should be.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee is like iced coffee should be.

There are many types of iced coffee that you can buy in convenience stores, grocers, sandwich shops, supermarkets and the like. But please do mark my words, there is only one Jimmy's Iced Coffee.

Some iced coffees (even those made by some so-called leading brands)  just don't taste right. They are either too weak, or sometimes taste a little bit burnt.

But that's definitely not the case with Jimmy's Iced coffee.

There's no cream in Jimmy's Iced Coffee (well, that is to say unless you choose to add some!) but it does have a deliciously creamy taste and texture to it.

Is it the fact that when you buy Jimmy's Iced coffee you actually get real British milk? Could be!

Let's take a look -and a taste- of Jimmy's Iced Coffee Skinny.

It's deliciously refreshing. You can definitely taste the Arabica coffee (well, with 36% of this making up the coffee part of the taste, that's a certainty!) and the fact that this blend uses British skimmed milk, which makes up 61% of the total content, plus there's the great taste of demerara sugar to add just the right amount of the subtle brown sugar taste that's so often sadly lacking with other types of iced coffee.

The carton tells us that there is 24.9mg of caffeine in every 100ml of coffee.

There's Original, Skinny and Mocha.

It's a family owned business and is made in Britain. In Dorset to be more precise.

It costs £1.59 and bears the legend: "Keep Your Chin Up!" (KYCU)

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