Monday, 2 May 2016

Primrose's Kitchen

Primrose extends a warm welcome to everyone who is interested in eating well and eating properly.

It's the proud claim of Primrose that everything she and her company creates, every recipe, are made from 100% natural raw vegetable ingredients deep in the heart of Dorset.

Primrose crafts some very delicious breakfast muselis and she has taken the decision to grow their range so there are now even more tasty recipes for you to enjoy.

The purpose is to ensure that their range will be able to help you feel nourished throughout the day as simply as possible.

All of their recipes are gluten free and are suitable for everyone to eat and enjoy, including vegans.

Flavours (all are gluten free and nut free, unless stated otherwise) that were trialled were as follows:

Courgette and Cacao Granola.
This was an example of a chunky type of breakfast cereal. It is made up of sunflower seeds, coconut pieces, sultanas, sprouted buckwheat, dates, courgettes, shelled hemp, cacao, lucuma, cacao butter, ground flaxseed, vanilla, turmeric and kelp powder.

The predominant taste that came through was that of the chocolate flavour from the cacao. (Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans)

Orange and Cashew Granola
Made from sunflower seeds, orange, sultanas, cashew nuts and coconut pieces
Unsurprisingly the predominant flavour with this particular granola recipe is orange, though as you would expect, it is the flavour of real oranges.

Porridge Oats
This is made with Gluten free oats and nothing else.
It is great made up as a traditional porridge (with only salt, not sugar as my grandfather insisted!) but it is also perfect with cold milk. (Cow, rice, soya, or almond milk, whatever your preference.)

Raw Beetroot and Ginger Muesli
I have to confess that this was my personal favourite. It is made with Gluten free oats, raw beetroot, raw blue agave nectar, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raw virgin coconut oil, almonds, linseeds, coconut pieces, ground ginger, psyllium husk seeds and hemp seeds.

The ginger makes this breakfast cereal a real tongue tingler and the raw beetroot makes the milk turn a delightful shade of pink. You can taste the ginger and also detect the good, honest earthy taste of the raw beetroot working in the background.

Oatmeal and Chia
The same delicious gluten free oatmeal as used in the porridge oats, but with the addition of chia seeds.

The chia seeds add an interesting and subtle taste to the oats. It's almost the same as poppy seeds in flavour, but not quite.

To learn more about the range of breakfast foods and other items that Primrose makes -and to keep your eye open for fresh, new recipes- please drop in to see them at 

400 grammes will cost £5.95.

You can purchase Primrose's Kitchen products at the following link Just enter the shop and click on the Grocery section once you are there.

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