Sunday, 21 June 2015

Primula, it's what squeezable tubes were invented for!

Primula cheese in a squeezable tube goes back a long, long way. I can remember it being a useful addition to my mother's pantry when I was a child,

It comes in a variety of flavours, plan, with chives, with ham, and with prawns.

It is equally at home being used as a sandwich spread, as a filler for baked potatoes at a barbecue, or as toppings for canap├ęs at a posh dinner party.

My favourite recipe is for large baked potatoes to have a filling made up of corned beef hash and Primula with chives.

And Primula cream cheeses make an excellent topping for crackers or with cheese biscuits of ou are having a party or just chilling out with your honey whilst watching late night TV films.

The nozzle is specially designed to help you make fancy, wiggly toppings if that is your desire. And there is now no need to pierce the seal with the little knurled cutter on the top. That's been replaced with an innovative and much more hygienic way to open the tube.

One of my favourite ways to serve it is to grill or toast some potato farll thins and then add some butter and a liberal dollop or two of whatever Primula cheese spread takes your fancy. My favourite is chives, with ham as a close second.

Served with a large fresh salad it makes a perfectly healthy main meal.

You'l be pleased to know that Primula also produces Primula Kids Cheese, the original Primula and a Primula Light version, too.

and it's also available in spreadable tubs, too.

Incidentally, all of the profits of the sale of Primula go to charity.

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