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Bundaberg, a craft brewed Australian ginger beer

Craft cocktails are set to become London’s summer drinks trend, That's Food and Drink can confirm.

The London Mule - as seen at the Grind.

 Bundaberg Ginger Beer team up with the Grind to create the must-have cocktail for summer

 Australian craft brewed ginger beer, Bundaberg, has partnered with cult London bar Grind to create London’s hippest cocktail of the summer.

The London Mule is a heady mix of fresh apple, bourbon and maple syrup, topped with refreshing Bundaberg Ginger Beer. The craft cocktail will be available at both the London Grind and Shoreditch Grind and is deliciously refreshing on a warm summers evening.

 Bar Manager, Adam Wright says “London has long been having a love affair with craft beer but craft cocktails are also about to have a moment. We wanted to introduce a new cocktail that would embrace craft, sophistication and summer. Something you could imagine Don Draper drinking at the weekend. The London Mule is just that.”

Make the perfect London Mule
·       1Ž4 fresh apple cubed (red delicious)

·       20ml maple syrup

·       25ml fresh lime

·       50ml bourbon

·       3 dashes of angostura bitters

·       Bundaberg ginger beer

·       Two cubes of candied ginger

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1.     Muddle the fresh apple, candied ginger and maple syrup
2.     Add the bourbon, lime juice and angostura bitters and shake
3.     Strain into a short glass and top with Bundaberg Ginger Beer
4.     Garnish with candied ginger and fresh apple fan
5.     Enjoy your drink

Or why not try these as an alternative?

 Appley Ever After
A fruity mix of fresh apple juice and dark rum, topped with the refreshing Bundaberg Ginger Beer, perfect for those warm summer day.

·       Bundaberg Ginger Beer

·       1.7 fl.oz Dark Rum

·       0.5 fl.oz Apple liqueur

·       (Pomme Verte)

·       0.7 fl.oz Lime juice

·       1.0 fl.oz Cloudy apple juice

·       Apple fan to garnish


A fiery cocktail with a kick to get summer started, mixed with the cooling Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

·       Bundaberg Ginger Beer

·       1.7 fl.oz Blanco Tequila

·       0.7 fl.oz Lime juice

·       1 hot pepper

·       Pinch coriander

·       1/2 hot pepper to garnish

Crushed Sailor

A summery cocktail bursting with berry flavour added with the sweet and spicy bite of Bundaberg Ginger Beer.


·       Bundaberg Ginger Beer

·       1.7 fl.oz Spiced Rum

·       0.3 fl.oz Berry liqueur

·       0.7 fl.oz Lime juice

·       Dash Angostura bitters

·       Berries to garnish

So what is Bundaberg?
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is a proud family owned business, based in the small Australian town that shares the same name. The Fleming family believe real ingredients and time honoured brewing methods make all the difference.

Since its humble beginnings, the company’s aim has been to craft premium non-alcoholic beverages using time-honoured brewing methods and the finest quality ingredients. Bundaberg Ginger Beer and other Bundaberg Brewed drinks are exported to over 36 countries.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer
·       Craft Brewed over 3 days

·       Real ingredients – cane sugar, GMO Free

·       Ginger from the Bundaberg region
·       RRP £4.49, 4 x 375ml

Find them on Facebook – and on look out for updates from the Brew Riders on Twitter @BundabergDrinks

Available in leading retailers. For your nearest stockist please visit

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