Saturday, 31 January 2015

Moorish Humous and dips. They really are moreish!

Moorish Humous and dips. They really are moreish!

Apparently, my wife does not like humous. Or dips. But that was before we found Moorish dips and humous and my wife is now firmly converted in their favour.

I asked her why she had changed her mind? "Whenever I have tried humous before, it never tasted very good. In fact, some of them had no taste that I could identify, at all!

"But these Moorish smoked humous and dips are completely different! They are really, seriously delicious!"

Exactly how delicious are they? Before the That's Food and Drink taste test team could get together to test this range of products, somehow, the Devilish Chili Harissa smoked humous got 'accidentally' eaten., by my wife, who generally doesn't like chilli, either. "Sorry, but it was delicious! Tell them it was 10 out of 10!"

So, yes, dear reader, Moorish devilish chili harissa smoked humous earns a 10 out of 10 from my wife, which is an utterly stunning achievement, so well done Moorish. That kind of accolade from my wife is high praise indeed!

The Smokeyish original delicious smoked humous is a stunning revelation. I was under the impression that I had eaten and, to be fair, enjoyed the smoked humous produced by a different company some time ago.

I now realise that what I had previously thought of as smoked humous was nothing of the kind, that, compared to the smoked humous products from Mooorish, their rival's product was but a pale imitation of a smoked product, with the smoked flavour owing more to the workings of a scientist, rather nature.

Not so Moorish! The smoked flavour is glorious and obviously produced by the employment of an ancient genuine and venerable smoking process.

The Smoked Humous with Caramelised Red Onion was equally delicious, the aubergine smoked dip also passed muster and the lemon and dill smoked humous was another crowd (or rather, taste test team!) pleaser.

The Superdelish creamy red pepper smoked dip is really superdelish and a worthy member of the range.

As for the taramasalata dip? The last time I had any taramasalata to equal that it was at a Greek delicatessen in a suburb of London, many years ago.

Each pack of dip or humous comes complete with an easy to follow recipe, so you are not left on your own.

Who is behind Moorish Smoked Dips? The owner is a cook called Julie Waddell who is clearly very passionate and dedicated to the culinary arts and the art of perfection in everything she does.

To learn more please visit for details of stockists, more recipes.

Please tell them That's Food and Drink sent you!

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