Saturday, 17 January 2015

Choc nibbles. What you should buy for the chocolate lover in your life

I don't think anyone would mind me saying that Choc Nibbles might not be the most sexy or the best best looking chocolates you have ever seen, but they will be amongst some of the best and most sexy chocolates that you or your beloved have ever tasted.

Sweetdreams have been making Choc Nibble products in the North East of England for three decades.

The are small pellets of chocolate that are all created to a unique and secret recipe dreamed up by the family who own the business way back in 1985.

Whilst they may look unusual (quirky is one term used to describe them) they will transport your beloved directly to chocolate Heaven as they are not so much moorish as utterly, irresistibly addictive! So be warned!

They make Original Choc Nibbles, Toffee Crumble, Orange Choc Nibbles, Mint Choc Nibbles and Choc Lick.

They are all velvety smooth, yet also with an understated yet perfect bit of extra bite, too. Except for Chock Lick, which is just velvety smooth and is ideal for just eating by the spoonful or for using to add oomph to your otherwise ordinary drinking chocolate or for adding to coffee to make a mocha that is so Heavenly you just will not believe how good it is until you try it for yourself.

The flavours of each of the products are nothing short of perfection in chocolate form and if you have to buy a Valentine's Day gift for a chocolate lover, if you really want to make them happy buy them several pounds in weight of a mixed batch of Choc Nibble products, but them in a big fancy heart-shaped box with a big ribbon on it and watch them enter chocolate Heaven. If you are lucky they'll perhaps share some with you, but perhaps they won't!

They are great value for money, a 200g grab bag costs a remarkably modest £1!

You can even buy them in giant 3kg jars!

So to ensure Valentine's Day goes smoother than ever, check out

If you can't find a local retailer they are available on line at and other on line retailers.

If you run a sweet shop, Sweetdreams are looking for new retailers, so please get in touch with them soon.

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