Sunday, 18 January 2015

Echo Falls introduces a sparkling tisane

When I heard about the new Echo Falls drink their alcohol free sparkling tisane, I was intrigued.

It is not just a tisane or a sparkling infusion. It is sold in a Champagne style bottle and even has a real cork to seal it as it is a carbonated drink.

It must be served chilled.

When I poured my wife a glass or two we both remarked that it did look an awful lot like Champagne in the glass.

It was bubbly and my wife said that it had a soft, mellow taste. My wife thought it tasted similar to an elderflower sparkling wine, though of course there is no alcohol.

Whilst there was none of the "bite" (for want of a better word) that one associates with the presence of alcohol within the drink, it did have an incredibly good mouthfeel and had a pleasing aftertaste.

If you can't or just won't drink alcohol, or have a guest who doesn't indulge, then Echo Falls Sparkling Tisane will be a fine addition to your chiller.

And although there's probably no scientific reason for this, I must say that the drink did give me a little bit of a boost. And with no hangover the next day, you might just be pleased you decided to buy a bottle (or two!) of Echo Falls Sparkling Tisane.

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