Saturday, 31 January 2015

Heck of a good meal with Heck meats

Heck Meats proudly proclaim that "We do damn good sausages." Ands this isn't an idle boast, because Heck do really make some damn good sausages.

Years ago, almost anyone could get sausages like those Heck carefully and lovingly prepare. People would go to their local butcher (there were even specialist pork butchers who sold nothing but pork and pork products) and buy some excellent sausages, made on the premises under the skilled and careful master butcher who were carrying on a tradition that had run through the generations of their family for hundreds of years.

But even though some of these family butchers are being run by the grandchildren of those master butchers, the heart and soul has gone from their business and they might even sell nothing but factory produced sausages that have no taste whatsoever.

So, how do you get sausage and meat products like your parents or even your grandparents used to buy as a matter of course in the local high street? You turn to Heck!

Heck are producers and purveyors of fine quality sausages and sausage products.

My wife's favourite Heck product (so far!) is their Smoky Chorizo-style 97% pork sausages. I liked them well enough, but my wife raved about them for several days after we ate them. What was of equal importance for her was the fact that they are gluten free, so no uncomfortable tummy problems after a meal of Heck sausages. In fact, all Heck sausages are gluten free, so that's something to consider if you are cooking for someone with a gluten allergy or intolerance.

My own favourite was the Heck Fair & Square 97% Pork sausages. To my mind (and stomach!) There's nothing quite like a good, square sausage. They are great with rice, a nice salad, with mashed potatoes, chips or jacket potatoes, on a sandwich or even on their own. Also, try soda bread instead of standard bread, it's a divine marriage!

We also tried Chicken Italia, an extremely interesting and thoughtful combination of British chicken breast and thigh meat sausages carefully married with basil and  mozzarella cheese. Although Heck suggest slicing up and stirring into a creamy risotto, we had ours with a nice leaf and tomato salad, served with a handmade dressing that we quickly whipped up just prior to serving.

The next day we enjoyed another Chicken Italia, but these were absolutely delicious chicken burgers. once again seasoned with basil, tomatoes and mozzarella.

Where can you find Heck sausages? At Tesco or Asda branches (just check on the Heck website for the nearest branches) or you can buy direct from the delightful and very enthusiastic Keeble family who own Heck Foods, the mail order link is at the top of the page.

And to our delight, it seems that Heck's policy is not only to produce sausages to good, old-fashioned recipes, they also seem keen to charge prices that are a blast from the past, too! I mean, come on! Where else could you buy six family made Plump Pork and Apple sausages for only

Just visit and make your selection. You will be glad you did. And please mention That's Food and Drink when you order online.

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