Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pub Pie Wins Supreme At Pie Awards 2012

A  Pub Pie created by Dunkleys has been crowned the Supreme Champion at the British Pie Awards held at St Mary's Church in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire today (25th April 2012).  The winning Pie competed in the contest of a record number of 900 Pies created by professional bakers and butchers at this year's event organised and hosted by the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association.  Dunkley's winning pub pie contains chicken, ham, mushroom and buttered leeks encased in a suet pastry.

The Pies, submitted in 18 Classes, underwent a stringent judging process by 93 food experts and celebrity chefs led by Andrew Chisholm. The panel, which included top food critic Charles Campion and food writer Xanthe Clay, TV chefs Rachel Green and Phil Vickery, scored the Pies on a range of criteria including appearance, and texture and  taste of both pastry and filling

The producer of the winning Pie, Mark Beeston who is Dunkleys pie ambassador, received a trophy and £1,000 prize commented: "We are absolutely thrilled that our Pub Pie has been crowned the Supreme Champion at these highly prestigious and creditable Awards. We don't compromise on the quality of the Pies which we have been making with care and passion for sixty years and to win against so many excellent bakers is an absolute joy!"

Matthew O'Callaghan, Chairman of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association, added: "Pies are one of our nation's favourite traditional foods and we organise this event to celebrate the quality and heritage of these iconic products. This year's event was a resounding success and yet again we were impressed with the high quality of the Pies entered by passionate Pie makers. Our Judges, who faced the difficult task of choosing the winning Pie out of 900 entries, did a superb job. It is fantastic to see that the value of these Awards is recognised not only by large Pie makers but also by small producers who submitted over 70% of entries."

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Here are the winners:-

Class 1 - Melton Mowbray Pork Pie (cold) Winner: Walker & Son with their Large Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

Class 2 - Pork Pie (cold) Winner: Walker & Son with their Large Pork Pie

Class 3 - Steak & Kidney Pie (hot) Winner: Pieminister

Class 4 - Beef & any flavour combination (hot) Winner: Rose Cottages Pies with their Beef & Mushroom Pie

Class 5 - Beef & Ale Pie (hot) Winner: Brocklebys

Class 6 - Lamb Pie (Hot) Winner: lamb, Mint & Rosemary Pie Winner: Robert Bowning Farmer & Butchers

Class 7 - Chicken & any flavour (hot) Winner: Chicken & Bacon from Pieminister

Class 8 - Other meat pie (hot) Winner: Pork, Apple & Cider Pie from Morecambe FC

Class 9 - Savoury pie (cold) Winner: chicken & Ham hock pie from Stuart Smith & Sons Butchers

Class 10 - Fish pie (hot) Winner: smoked fish, salmon & prawn pie Great Walshingham Barns Cafe

Class 11 - Vegetarian Pie (hot) Winner: Butter Pie from Morecambe FC

Class 12 - Cornish Pasty (cold) Winner: Chough Bakery

Class 13 - Other pasty (cold) Winner: chicken & smoked bacon pasty from Chough Bakery

Class 14 - Dessert Pie (cold) Winner: Cherry Pie from Kensey Foods

Class 15 - Pub Pie (hot) Winner: chicken ham mushroom buttered leeks suet pastry pie from Dunkleys

Class 16 - Football Pie (hot) Winner: Beef steak & ale pie from Morecambe FC

Class 17 - Celebration Pie (hot/cold) Winner: Trio of mini pies (venison pie, chicken & mushroom pie & steak pasty from Dunkleys

Class 18 - Bramley Apple Pie (cold) Winner: Kensy Foods

Supreme Champion 2012: Class 15 - Pub Pie (hot) Winner: chicken, ham, mushroom, buttered leeks & suet pastry pie from Dunkleys

Small Producer Award: Morecambe FC

A full list of judges at the British Pie Awards can be found at

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