Thursday, 12 April 2012

Husband & Wife Team Launch a Titanic Cookery Course to Celebrate the Centenary

Cookery school hosts, Jim and Lucy Fisher, have launched a unique course to celebrate the centenary of the Titanic and its sumptuous, Escoffier-inspired menus.

Quail Eggs Benedict with Smoked Duck Breast and Waldorf Pudding with French Ice Cream are just two of the dishes Jim and Lucy will teach their guests at their Dordogne-based cookery school.

Throughout the week, a host of techniques will be taught all of which culminate in the creation of a 10-course Titanic Banquet on the final night of the course.

The pair came up with the idea as a tribute. Jim discovered he had a relative who died in the tragedy when researching his family history. Jim, a former policeman, was a BBC Masterchef finalist and has since worked with Rick Stein, Tony Tobin and Alistair Little. He met his wife Lucy when she was working in the City and instantly fell in love with her when he discovered she was also a butcher.

They now run their own school in the Dordogne and are adamant they can turn the most inept cook into a chef in just five days.

For more information on the Titanic Cookery Course as well as Jim and Lucy’s other courses please visit

Cost for the Titanic Cookery courses are €845.00 EUR for the full, all-inclusive five night experience.

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