Monday, 11 January 2016

The Prakti Stove. The practical way to cook outdoors!

It's a strange thing to think about, but the summer months of cooking outside will soon be upon us, again!

And The Charcoal Burner Company is on a mission to introduce us to the Indian Prakti Stove in time for the barbecue season.

Many Indian readers will already be familiar with this wonderful Indian design classic and outside cooking staple.

Founder of The Charcoal Burner Company, Alastair, was trying to work out the best way to roast chestnuts outside during the winter months, and after having decided that charcoal stoves beat their gas equivalents hands down in terms of being authentic, easy to use and keeping in the flavour, he then moved on to the wonderful Prakti Stove.

However, soon he was thinking about much more than using them to roast nuts with!

Having ordered a Prakti Stove from India, Alastair was immediately impressed by the cleverness of its design, the speed at which it lit and how clean and efficient it was.

He was also very impressed by the high levels of heat it generated.

Soon he was addicted to cooking all kinds of things on his Prakti Stove.

The Charcoal Burner Company is now the official UK distributor for the Prakti Stove, so you can now easily own one of these classical Indian cooking marvels.

There are a wide range of different stoves available, including:
- Charcoal Stove (Rocket Stove) - which comes in red, blue or yellow
- Single Wood Burning Stove
- Double Wood Burning Stove
- Double Wood Burning Stove With Chimney Bracket
- The Orca Extra-Large Wood Burning Stove

There is also a range of essential accessories available from The Charcoal Burner Company, from the highest quality charcoal to grills, aprons and tote bags to transport all that tasty food you’re about to cook with your Prakti Stove.

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