Sunday, 30 October 2011

Now the shopping is Divine, as well as the chocolate!

The Divine Chocolate Shop has been redesigned and enhanced to make for a seamless shopping experience for every Divine customer. It offers something for every age and chocolate palette and there's more choice than ever before - customers can stock up on their favourite chocolate flavours as well as choosing beautiful gift sets with unique combinations that can't be found anywhere else. The gift sets range in price from £12.50 to £50.00 and all come packaged in elegant powder blue and pale green boxes.

Visit the Divine Chocolate Shop here: and start your Chirstmas shopping in earnest!

As well as gift boxes there are over 40 individual products for sale including the following hugely popular lines: strawberry white chocolate, raspberry dark chocolate, and a dark chocolate infused with ginger & orange.

Baking enthusiasts can stock up on Divine's plain white, deliciously dark 85%, and the acclaimed 70% bars, of which Charles Campion, food critic for The Independent describes as "very fruity, with a good texture and a long finish".

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