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Put a real Spring in their step this Easter with Lindt chocolates

Why not discover Lindt’s exclusive Easter editions, with your family and friends?

You can bring some Springtime Easter magic home and share the joy with your loved ones with the exclusive Easter range of Lindt luxury chocolates.

There's the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny (they even have a real little bell around their delectably sweet little chocolates necks!) collection and his new friends to deliciously refined eggs and sharing assortments, the Easter range offers a selection crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers with the finest chocolate made with the highest quality ingredients.

Our roundup of Lindt Easter classics and new additions offers gifts for the smallest members of the household and indulgent Easter treats for adults - the perfect accompaniment to magical Easter celebrations.

Nothing marks the start of Easter like the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny. This delightful character has long been a firm seasonal favourite and comes in many varieties and sizes to provide an Easter treat for one or an enchanting gift to share.

Lindt Gold Bunny
From classic milk and creamy white to elegantly dark and delicious hazelnut – there is a Lindt Gold Bunny for everyone!
Lindt Gold Bunny Milk 10g (£0.49), 50g (£1.59) 100g (£2.99), 200g (£4.49), 500g  (£17.99)
Lindt Gold Bunny White 100g (£2.99), 200g (£4.49)
Lindt Gold Bunny Dark 100g (£2.99), 200g (£4.49)
Lindt Gold Bunny Hazelnut 100g (£2.99)

Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate 1kg
Guaranteed to make a big impression, the 1kg milk chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny (£39.99) is wrapped by hand and beautifully presented in an elegant carrier case making it the perfect statement Easter gift.

Lindt Gold Bunny Storybook (This is a new edition for 2015)
A perfect gift to bring home the magic of Easter - The enchanting Lindt Gold Bunny Storybook (125g, £6.49) brings the Gold Bunny to life in an engaging and interactive story. This new gift also contains a selection of 15 Lindt milk chocolate treats to enjoy with storytime.
The Lindt Gold Bunny Storybook is a Waitrose and Ocado exclusive.

Lindt Gold Bunny Soft Toy
This adorable Lindt Gold Bunny gift (30g, £13.49) means the family can enjoy the magic of the Lindt Gold Bunny all year round and is accompanied by three mini milk chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny miniatures.

Lindt Giant Carrot
It wouldn’t be Easter without the Lindt Gold Bunny and what Bunny wouldn’t be complete without a carrot! The Lindt Giant Carrot (140g, £5.99) is packed with mini versions of the milk chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny, double milk chocolate Carrots, Lindor Eggs and Hollow Eggs. Treat your family and friends to this gift with a difference!

Lindt Chicks and Little Lambs
New playful characters are perfect as an Easter treat for little hands

Also new for 2015
Joining Lindt’s family of delightful Easter characters are the super-cute double milk chocolate Chick figures (100g, £3.69), carton of six milk chocolate Chick eggs that little ones can easily be split in two (168g, £4.99) and five Little Lambs (50g, £2.59) - perfect to hide around the garden as part of your Easter egg hunt, or for your little ones to share with their friends.

Egg-stra special eggs
Lindt chocolate skilfully crafted into special edition Easter eggs for a festive take on the favourites

Lindor Luxury Easter Egg
Hand crafted with love, this milk chocolate Easter egg  (322g, £10.99) is tied up with a beautiful red bow and accompanied by delicious Lindor mini eggs with their famous smooth melting centres.

Also new are...
The Lindor Mini Easter Egg
An adorable gift for family and friends; this mini version of Lindt’s much loved Lindor Luxury Easter Egg is accompanied by Lindor smooth melting centre eggs. (55g, £2.99)

Lindor Strawberries & Cream Easter Egg
This delicious Lindor truffle flavour now comes in this special Easter egg edition. A creamy white chocolate egg is complemented by irresistible strawberry and cream truffles - a silky smooth filling with a white chocolate casing and real strawberry pieces.  (285g, £8.99).

(EDITOR: The That's Food and Drink Taste Test Team couldn't get enough of these strawberry and cream truffles. In fact they very kindly saved me two! "And you are really lucky to have those!" said my wife, eying them up! I gave my wife a 'look' and said: "I thought you are allergic to chocolate?" To which she grinned and said: "Once I tried a nibble of one, I was hooked! Besides which, this is why they invented antihistamines!")

Lindor Spring Easter Egg
For the Lindor fan who just can’t begin to choose their favourite flavour - this irresistibly smooth milk chocolate Easter egg is accompanied by an assortment of deliciously indulgent Lindor chocolate truffles (285g, £8.99).

Lindor Luxury Mini Eggs
You’ll be spoiled for choice with a mix of favourite Lindor flavours including: Milk, Stracciatella, Coconut and Strawberries & Cream (115g, £3.99).  Perfect for sharing a moment of Easter bliss with your loved ones.

For those who appreciate the darker side of chocolate, the Lindt EXCELLENCE egg (220g, £10.99) makes an elegant gift. The deliciously refined egg is complemented by luxurious dark chocolate mini eggs for a sublime Easter experience.

Lindt EXCELLENCE Mini Eggs
The Lindt Excellence Mini Eggs canister (90g, £3.99) contains 18 luxuriously smooth, deliciously intense dark chocolate mini eggs - the perfect Easter treat for the dark chocolate lover in your life.

Master Chocolatier Collection Easter Egg
This decadent Easter egg (350g, £19.99) is a real Easter favourite that perfects the balance of fine chocolate and hazelnuts that Lindt fans love. Smooth Lindt milk chocolate is rolled in roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and generously coated with a final chocolate layer. It’s not to be missed!

A celebration of the season with limited edition packaging encases a selection of Lindt treats that make for the perfect gift.

NEW FOR 2015
The new Taste of Spring Boutique Collection is a beautiful selection of delicious gifts; the perfect treat for your family, friends and colleagues.
Choose from the Taste of Spring Boutique Gift Box - a mix of twist wrap eggs and flavours (200g, £6.99); the Taste of Spring Boutique Praline Box - a mix of Spring bunny, eggs and flower shapes (120g, £5.99), a Taste of Spring Boutique Mini Eggs (150g, £4.99) or the Taste of Spring Boutique Flame Egg (57g, £3.99).
The collection is exclusive to Selfridges, Harrods and other premium outlets.


LINDOR Easter Egg Milk – 215g, £6.99
LINDOR Easter Egg Assorted – 215g, £6.99
LINDOR Easter Egg Milk – 285g, £8.99
HELLO Cookies and Cream Easter Egg – 314g, £10.99
EXCELLENCE Dark Flavours Easter Egg – 265g, £10.99

GOLD BUNNY and Carrots – 140g, £5.99
GOLD BUNNY Family Hutch - £5.99
GOLD BUNNY Paw – 20g, £0.69
GOLD BUNNY Canister – 100g, £3.99
GOLD BUNNY Milk 5 Pack – 50g, £2.59
GOLD BUNNY White 5 pack – 50g, £2.59
GOLD BUNNY and Plush Ears – 50g, £5.99
GOLD BUNNY Easter Egg – 125g, £5.99
GOLD BUNNY Luxury Easter Egg – 260g, £10.99
GOLD BUNNY and Friends Sharing Pack – 182g, £5.99

LINDT Carrot Double Milk – 13.5g, £0.69
LINDOR Milk Egg – 28g, £0.69
LINDT Solid Mini Eggs Canister – 200g, £3.99
LINDOR Mini Eggs Bag – 100g, £1.99
LINDOR Assorted Mini Eggs Bag – 100g, £1.99
LINDT Easter Fun Bugs & Bees – 50g, £2.59

(EDITOR: If you care about someone, perhaps if you know someone who is going through a difficult time, why not 'Lindt them a helping hand' with some of the best chocolates in the world?

Because of how good they taste, Lindt chocolates probably will not last too long, as they'll be eaten, joyfully, within minutes, but the memory of good Lindt chocolate products will last them a lifetime.)

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