Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pure, natural beer indulgence with Daas

Daas is a new range of premium, organic & handmade craft beers, lovingly & traditionally brewed in Belgium and strictly follow the same brewing method dating back over 9 centuries.

Daas produce premium & organic beers that strictly follow the Belgian brewing principles & techniques dating back over 900 years. Brewed in Hainaut the Belgian province renowned for fine beer production and part of the agriculturally rich Walloon Region, Daas offer the consumer three very different craft beers. These supreme beverages are organically and ethically made and deliver a unique taste experience to a dense market.

Daas say “Our beers are top Fermented Bottle Conditioned beers’ meaning they undergo a second fermentation in the bottle, similar to Champagne production. Dass continue; “This contributes to the overall quality and flavour of the beer, but also ensures that the liquid remains stable for longer than a pasteurised beer.”

Due to the refined ingredients and brewing process, Daas is being served at the dinner table instead of the usual bottle of wine. Each of the three beers rewards the palette with something special and pair very well with most dishes.

The range consists of:-
Daas Organic Ambre (6.5% ABV)
Daas Ambre is traditional rich and complex Belgian Ambre ale. The deep fragrant aromas with smooth caramel and sweetly mellow malt flavours finish with dry and delicately spiced hops. Great when hooked up with a traditional roast dinner of lamb, chicken or beef.

Daas Organic Blond (6.5% ABV) Daas Blond is an authentic strong Belgium beer, its honey and spice aroma and perfect balance of bittersweet flavours are followed by a classic dry hope finish. Blond is an ideal aperitif and a worthy pairing to spicy foods such as Indian, Vietnamese and Thai.
Daas Organic Witte (5.0% ABV)
Daas Witte is a naturally cloudy Belgian wheat beer. The fruity aroma and refreshing blend of subtle citrus and spice flavors compliment its crisply dry and bitter hop finish. Goes down well with seasonal seafood and sushi.

The three Daas Craft Beers, Witte, Blond and Ambre RRP £2.49

Daas is the only Belgian craft beer to carry the UK Soil Association Organic certification and the Belgian Certisys Organic certification. They grow their own barley in our farms and use locally sourced hops that are grown without pesticides and chemical fertilisers which they believe makes Daas beers ultimately more appetising.

The beers are suitable for vegetarian and vegan drinkers and both Blond and Ambre will soon be gluten free. Daas will continue to develop its links with organic and ethical traders with the aim of eventually becoming a carbon neutral beer; it is delivery by road to the UK that allows Daas to wear the Zero Air Miles badge with pride.

Daas guarantee “Each brew is hand crafted by a solo master brewer with two dedicated assistants and we fully intend to keep it that way.” Craft beer is about creating a flavourful, high-quality beer, which in most cases is very different from the mass-produced beer. Like all artisanal craft breweries their approach towards creativity, exploration and sustainability remains second to non.

Since their recent launch Daas has won numerous awards, supporting that both trade and consumer not only appreciate the taste but also the brands ethical standards and the attention paid when making the beers. Their marketing slogan of “The Pure Indulgence” backs up their use of the finest ingredients and the brand’s conscientious ideals.

Daas finish by saying “For many people it is not a question of drowning a few cold beers as possible, it is more a question of finding the right taste, the right beer for the right occasion.”

Daas is available throughout the UK from specialist, luxury and organic retailers. The beers are also on the shelf at selected stores of Waitrose, Able & Cole and can be purchased online at &

For enquiries outside the UK visit

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